July 2017

from:- “The Goals of Bingo Boot” by Allan Ahlberg


Even God had a frown on his face

And powerful reasons to pray.

If I let this in, he told Himself

There’ll be the Devil to pay.

Now Bingo stepped up with the ball

And placed it on the spot

Stepped back, breathed deep, ran calmly in

Then shimmied left … and shot


In nineteen hundred and twenty-two

A little boy was born

His baby cot was second hand

His baby shawl was torn.

Who would have guessed that at the end

This tiny tot would be

The one who beat Almighty God

With the perfect penalty?


No goalie could have saved that shot

No God or Holy Ghost

But it went where Bingo placed it

And hit the holy post

Rebounded like a rocket

To Marie Antoinette

Who skipped up to the other end

And slammed it in the net.




Saturday 1st July 2017

Pre-Season Friendly

Bedfont Sports 5

Milan Ferguson 8,

Kim Pitt 30,

Darryl Thornby 66,

Jacobs Lambe 75,

Ellis Jones 76,

Lyne FC 2

Daniel Gibb 55, 64,
Referee:- Neil Keirs                                           Attendance:- 56
The start of another football season hard by Heathrow Airport where the planes come down so low you could nearly touch them! This was my first visit since 2012 and what a difference. There were new stands, new fencing and new hard standing around the pitch and a new plastic surface, but the iconic clock above the club house still remained. In bright sunshine, the hosts won this match comfortably against the reigning Surrey League Division 1 Champions.

Saturday 8th July 2017
Pre-Season Friendly

Chinnor 1

Rory Lonsdale 19 (pen),

Winslow United 7

Christopher Reid 12, 79, 82, 87,

Marcus Hussey 14,

Alex Woodbine 67, 90+2
Referee:- Andy Bennett                                                 Attendance:- 19
When John Main and I arrived, England had just secured the draw in New Zealand that tied the Lions tour. A large gathering of faithful were enjoying the moment and the breakfast trays were laid out and we were able to help ourselves to a free meal!!! It was sunny and hot and Winslow (from the Spartan South Midlands League) were too hot for the hosts (from the Hellenic League), knocking in five unanswered second half goals with four coming from Christopher Reid!

Saturday 8th July 2017
Pre-Season Friendly

Aylesbury 1

Charlie Hawtin 39,

MK Dons XI 2

Georgio Rasulo 6,

Samuel Nombe 85,
Referee:- John Farries      Admission:- £5            Attendance:- 481
The last time I was here, on 12th March 2009, they were known as Aylsebury Vale (and lost 0-4 to Biggleswade Town). Today, they were very unfortunate to concede a late winner to their illustrious visitors who had chairman Peter Winkelman sitting in the main stand. In the first half the game was competitive with each side scoring before the break. Wholesale half-time changes ruined the second half as a spectacle for the large and festive crowd. A draw would have been a fair result!

“For the good of the city”

Monday 10th July 2017

Pre-Season Friendly

Barwell   0

Solihull Moors   2

Shade 70,

Dapo 86,

Admission:- OMGDS£4 (£6)               No programme

Another regulation pre-season friendly with John Main (who took the photos) and Graeme Askham. It was a balmy evening and a Solihull Moors side containing seven players titled “triallist” on the match sheet, were comfortably held in the first half, but their superior fitness told with a late second second half brace of goals to win the match.

Friday 14th July 2017
Lincolnshire Senior Cup Quarter Final

Grantham Town 3

Lee Shaw 11,

Danny Meadows 19,

George Couzens 73,

Spalding United 0
Referee:- M. Chester                                        Attendance:- 165
Admission:- OMGDS £6 (£10)                      Programme:- £2
My first couple of visits to Grantham were to the old London Road ground which they vacated in 1990, For a short while, they actually ground shared with Spalding United, but in 1991, they took up residence at The South Kesteven Sports Centre, where they have remained ever since. It is a bit like all athletics arenas which are used for football – soulless, with a distant view of the match across the running track. This evening, the visitors huffed and puffed, but they were no match for the rampant hosts, who really ought to have won more decisively!

Saturday 15th July 2017

Pre-Season Friendly

Buckley Town   0

Charnock Richard   4

Spencer Bibby 39 (pen),

Joseph Noblet 84, 87,

Callum Williams 90+1,

Referee:- John Jones                                      Attendance:- 82

Admission:- £3.00                                           No programme

On a fine day, Graeme and I drove up to North Wales for this friendly match which was late starting because the referee didn’t turn up! We nearly didn’t get there after the sat-nav dumped us in an industrial park in the town, only for a friendly face to direct us round the corner and across the road! It was a pretty ground which was very well kept as relegated Buckley took on the newly enterprising Charnock Richard (whom I had last seen playing a match in April 1968 in the final of The Lancashire Junior Shield, when they beat Vickers SC by 3-0 at Chorley’s Victory Park). There was a large following for the away side who competed on even terms for most of the first half. Young John Jones, the replacement referee from the crowd, was able to don his official gear for the second half after his father had dashed home to get it for him. The second half saw the match turn heavily in the visitors favour with three late goals sealing the result.

Saturday 21st July 2017
Pre-Season Friendly

Cosby United 2

Tom Langton 52, 

Sam Miller 81,

Whetstone Athletic 4

Jacob Chambers 4,

Josh Doody 21,

Micah Stewart 42,

Sam Ball 79,
Referee:- Graham Swan                                        Attendance:- 27
On the outskirts of Leicester, both these teams play in The Leicester & District League, although Cosby United were one time champions of The Leicestershire Senior League. Whetstone are a division below the hosts but, today, were by far the better (or better prepared) side. They held a 3-0 advantage at half-time and when the heavy rain halted proceedings on the adjacent cricket pitch, they managed to maintain that advantage despite a much improved second half performance from the hosts!

Monday 24th July 2017
Pre-Season Friendly

Eynesbury Rovers 3

Josh Bamford 35,

Aidan Bream 52,

Jamie Banners 90

Hitchin Town 2

Elliott Bailey 15, 68,
Referee:- Josh Croft        Admission:- £2.00          Attendance:- 57
Rovers are gearing up for the new season and whilst there is still a fair way to go OFF the pitch, this resounding performance suggests that they will be a force to be reckoned with in UCL Premier circles in the coming season.

United Counties League


Peterborough & District League


28 – 30th July 2017

Friday 28th July 2017

United Counties League Division 1

Huntingdon Town 0

Pinchbeck United 0

Referee:- Nicolae Manolescu                   Attendance:- 221

Admission:- £5.00                                 Programme:- £1.00

For this year’s Groundhop, Huntingdon Town were sporting their updated club image. Gone was the grim Cromwellian puritan and the new crest featured hunting and hounds! This, to be fair, is not one of my favourite grounds, and, despite the vast sums of money spent by The Hunts FA, and various grants, some seven years ago to improve it, it still lacks character and is the windiest ground in The UCL.

Newly relegated from The Premier Division, the hosts faced newcomers to the league, Pinchbeck United, who have had to leave their home in Pinchbeck to share with Spalding United, in order to gain promotion.

I think it would be fair to say that Jubilee Park is not John’s favourite United Counties League venue!

This match was a dour struggle. There were few attempts on goal and defences were well on top. Each side was determined not to lose the opening game of their season!

Saturday 29th July 2017

United Counties League Premier Division

Holbeach United   6

William Bird 15, 53,

Lewis Leckie 18,

Nick Jackson 60,

Charlie Sanders 75,

Callum Davies 86,

Sleaford Town   0

Referee:- Lee Hartley                               Attendance:- 333

Admission:- £6.00                                 Programme:- £1.50

My first visit to Carter’s Park, was in 1982 when the now defunct Moor Green were visitors in an FA Cup 3rd Qualifying tie. On that occasion, the hosts prevailed, unexpectedly, by 2-1 in front of a crowd of 259, which, until today, was the biggest crowd I had ever seen at the ground.

Today’s match was a bit of a one-sided affair and sympathies lay with Sleaford Town who have had their woes over the summer, losing a manager and several players in the close season. For them, it will be a season of struggle whilst their opponents look likely to resume their perennial tussle at the other end of the table!

The stadium is well looked – after, neat and tidy, and I always welcome the opportunity to visit!

Saturday 29th July 2017

Peterborough & District League Premier Division

Moulton Harrox   3

Marcus Parry 6,

Matthew Watkin 27,

Dan Woods 44.

Sutton Bridge United   0

Referee:- James Truman (Holbeach)         Attendance:- 280

Admission:- £4.00                                   Programme:- £1.00

Chris Berezai received an ear-wigging for mis-spelling Harrox as “Harrax” – well, you would, wouldn’t you! Les Bull consistently referred to it as Moulton Harro, pronouncing it, he said, after the French fashion! Whatever, the best feature of this visit was the cake stall in the Bowling Green clubhouse. I felt compelled to make a second visit! It would have been churlish to have foregone the opportunity.

The hosts were far too strong for Sutton Bridge United. All the goals came in the first half, after which Moulton cruised to victory without ever having to put their foot down!


Saturday 29th July 2017

Peterborough & District League Division 2

Spalding Town   2

Tom Coote 17,

Ash Wilson 90+1,

Wisbech St Mary Saints  1

Aaron McKenna 40,

Referee:- Mark Grundy                         Attendance:- 241

Admission:- £4.00                               Programme:- £1.00

There is a strange story of the local benefactor who recently died and left £200,000 to Pinchbeck United and £200,000 to Spalding Town and 2p to Spalding United!

This match was played at the former home of Pinchbeck United. Pinchbeck are heavily involved with a project to bring them back to the town, to a new site with substantially better facilities. That is something for the future.

For the present, Spalding Town have inherited the ground and today played hosts to Wisbech St Mary Saints, who are rumoured to have strong financial backing! These two teams may be in Division 2 of this league, but either could hold their own in the top flight. A draw would have been a fair result, but a goal from the hosts in added time at the end, gained Spalding Town all three points!

In the background is the leaning tower of Pinchbeck’s church, overlooking the pitch!

Saturday 29th July 2017

United Counties League Division 1

Bourne Town  1

Josh Russell 90+2 (pen),

Raunds Town  2

Dan Porter 35,

Dave Townsend 81

Referee:- Paul Gregory                               Attendance:- 459

Admission:- £5.00                                  Programme:- £2.00

A few years ago, Bourne Town, who had plied their trade in the Premier Division of The UCL for as long as I could remember, were demoted to Division 1, on the grounds that their stadium didn’t meet requirements for step 5. It was a load of nonsense really. I’ve seen plenty of step 5 grounds that are not fully enclosed! Abbey Lawns is set in a private park and is run by a trust. The park trust looks after cricket, bowls and swimming, as well as football. I can remember umpiring the cricket whilst the football team were playing an FA Cup Preliminary Round tie,  and the matches being adjacent to each other. There would be no chance of watching cricket and football these days, as the football pitch is now closed off! The trust is part of the Bourne Abbey Foundation which can count Adelina, granddaughter of Hereward The Wake, amongst its antecedents.

The club had really gone to town on The Groundhopper visit and there were entertainments and sporting activities all day. The biggest crowd of the hop watched this match!

Sadly, The Wakes were on the wrong side of the result. The visitors looked the better-equipped side and held on to a single goal lead until ten minutes from time. At this point, they scored a second goal, to secure victory, despite an added time penalty from the hosts.

Sunday 30th August 2017

Peterborough & District League Division 1

Long Sutton Athletic   A  

Tydd St Mary   A

Abandoned after twelve minutes due to serious injury to a player

Referee:- A. Murray                                      Attendance:- 346

Admission:- £4.00                                     Programme:- £1.00

Long Sutton Athletic spent five seasons in The Eastern Counties League from 1989/90 to 1994/95, achieving a high of 6th place in Division 1 (1991/92) and ending on a low of 16th in their final season.

Their ground has floodlights and a tiny covered standing area; it definitely wouldn’t meet ground grading criteria for step 5/6. There was a large holiday crowd for the occasion, so it was a great pity that the match was abandoned after only twelve minutes, when the home centre half received a serious injury, thought to be a broken ankle. The referee called the match off some forty-five minutes later. By that time, a couple of paramedics had arrived and administered first aid, but there was no ambulance in sight – another example of austerity Britain – and it was only later that we heard conflicting reports that the player had been taken to Kings Lynn Hospital by taxi, or, indeed, by air ambulance, depending on whom you believed!

Sunday 30th July 2017

Peterborough & District League Premier Division

Leverington  2  

Ryan Alexander 52,

Ivaylo Raychev 90+1,

Peterborough ICA Sports   0

Referee:- Paul Gale                                Attendance:- 304

Admission:- £4.00                           Programme:- £1.00

We got to Leverington quite early, Graeme and I, as a consequence of the previous game’s early conclusion. Fortunately, there was an excellent cake stall and cheese sandwiches – and a bottle of Old Speckled Hen! The facilities were extensive and beautifully kept (“The best toilets I’ve seen for a long time”, I heard somebody comment).

Peterborough ICA Sports – the ICA stands for Italian Community Association – had come to defend and for the first hour or so their tactics seemed to be paying off. However, when the home side struck, they had no means of finding an equaliser, and a second goal in added time  finally killed them off!

Sunday 30th July 2017

United Counties League Premier Division

Wisbech Town   2

Alex Beck 2,

Josh Ford 45+2,

Jon Fairweather s/o 90+2

Wellingborough Town   1

Justin Dowling 50,

Referee:- Paul McVey (Peterborough)        Attendance:- 433

Admission:- £6.00                                     Programme:- £1.00

This is the third ground where Wisbech Town have taken up residence. The old Fenland Park was a magnificent arena with a marvellous Victorian stand. “The Nest” at Outwell was a ground belonging to Outwell Swifts of The Cambridgeshire County League, where they spent a couple of years, before moving to this new arena around seven years ago. It is basic and functional and there are many similar stadiums dotted around the country – Evesham United, Raunds Town and Bishops Cleeve, immediately spring to mind; however, it does have a certain charm and the facilities – cover at both ends and a seated stand down one side – indicate that more thought had gone into the planning and execution than is normally the case. There was also a substantial club house running the length of the pitch on one side of the ground.

I rather suspect that these two sides will feature in the championship challenge this season. Wisbech got off to a flying start, with a goal in the second minute, and then doubled their tally in first-half added time ,as they dominated the period.

I don’t know what went into the half-time cuppa, but the second half was an entirely different matter. Wellingborough looked a team transformed and scored within five minutes of the re-start to reduce the arrears. They stormed forward and Wisbech reeled under the pressure. However, the hosts hung in and despite several good opportunities, the visitors were unable to conjure up an equaliser.

And then ……………………. that was it!! Eight games and the weekend had flown past. It only remained to take to the coach for the final journey back to Peterborough and the third – or is it the fourth? – UCL/PDFL Hop drew to a close.

Sadly, it wasn’t until the final match at The Elgoods Fenland Arena, that real ale was available on tap! At all the other grounds, it was only available in bottles.

I must admit to feeling a touch of nostalgia as this hop drew to a close. Most of the grounds I know well and I have attended several matches at each of them (Leverington and Long Sutton Athletic being the only exceptions). The crowds were excellent and the whole weekend went like clockwork – even the unexpected, like Long Sutton Athletic’s abandonment, was taken in its stride. A lot of hard work goes into the preparation and management of a hop such as this, and Chris Berezai has, once again, excelled in providing a well organised and stimulating weekend!

Here’s to the next hop in South Wales at the end of August!

Other Matches Attended:-

Tuesday 18th July 2017

Pre-Season Friendly

Brackley Town  2   Kettering Town  2                         Attendance:- 337

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June 2017

from: “The Goals of Bingo Boot”

by Allan Ahlberg

The Hades fans were howling

We’re the boys from Beelzebub

While God took Charlie Chaplin off

And brought Jesus on as a sub.

The second half went racing by

The pace was faster still

There was less than a minute left to play

And the score remained nil-nil.


Then Bingo dribbled round St Mark

Who never had a prayer

Left frail St Francis on his knees

And danced past Fred Astaire.

The goal was at his mercy now

It seemed he couldn’t fail

When – bang! – a tackle from behind

From Florence Nightingale.


A penalty! The crowd was stunned

The Devil’s lot gave thanks

Though God in goal, the angels cried,

Was as good as Gordon Banks

A cruel choice for Bingo

Whatever should he do

Be false to his god-given gifts

Or give the Devil his due?




Saturday 3rd June 2017

FA Women’s Super League Spring Series

Birmingham City Ladies 0

Chelsea Ladies 2

Karen Carney 21,

Fran Kirby 57,
Referee:- Daniel Middleton                                 Attendance:- 1,171
Admission:- OMGDS£5.00 (£8)                       Programme:- £2.50
This was my third visit to Solihull Moors stadium in as many weeks for a Ladies match and it was also the last match of the mini Spring Series, where Chelsea Ladies confirmed their title with this regulation, if somewhat torrid victory. John Main and I were under impressed – particularly with the lack of atmosphere!

Chelsea sealed the championship of The Spring Series with this victory

Saturday 3rd June 2017
(Ashbourne) Summer League
Bill Redfern Cup – FINAL

Doveridge 5

Oliver Ritchie 34, 76,

Jonathan Atherton 44, 61,

Jake Avery 85,

Rose and Crown 2

Pat Newbold 36,

Rob Thorley 73,
Referee:- Peter Taylor                                               Attendance:- 84
Admission:- £2.00                                             Programme:- NONE
Osmaston Polo Fields was the venue for tonight’s final and the present leaders of the league, Doveridge, were playing fourth placed Rose and Crown who are but two points adrift. This was a rip-roaring match between two committed teams and made up for the soporific encounter John Main and I had witnessed this afternoon! The deserved winners were Doveridge, but not before enduring long spells of sustained pressure from their opponents. Two goals in the last ten minutes eventually seeing off their plucky rivals!

The Bill Redfern Cup

Monday 12th June 2017
(Derbyshire) Summer League

Biggin 0

Red Lion 0
Referee:- Jim Conway                                            Attendance:- 36
0-0 draws are about as rare as hen’s teeth in The Summer League, so it was just our luck that we managed to find that rarity this evening – and on John Main’s birthday, too! Biggin is tiny! Nestling in the peaks between Ashbourne and Buxton, it boasts fewer that forty dwellings and a square towered church. We were greeted by rain, but the match, for all its dearth of goals, was a pretty well contested encounter. The visitors shaded the first half, but the hosts dominated the second period and smote the woodwork on three occasions.

The main stand at Biggin!

There were more sheep in this field than spectators on the football field!

Thursday 15th June 2017
(Ashbourne) Summer League

Kirk Langley 1

Andy Thornhill 26,

Mappleton 6

Nick Partridge 7,

Sam Birks 30, 33,

Charlie Wibberley 36,

James Ingram 39,

Bill Clews 55,
Referee:- Peter Taylor Attendance:- 16
High flying Mappleton thumped lowly Kirk Langley mercilessly, striking five goals before half-time. They lie second in the league two points behind leaders Doveridge but with a game in hand. Kirk Langley play at The George Barrington Cricket Field, with St Michael’s Church brooding in the background, where the gravestone of George Barrington lies at the entrance. After Monday evening’s 0-0 draw, Chris Berezai, John Main and I were treated to a welcome avalanche of scoring!


Monday 19th June 2015
(Ashbourne) Summer League

Brassington 5

Steve Coates 27,

Ben Cartwright 37,

Harry Delaney 42,

Sam Froggatt 44, 73,

Red Lion 1

Tom Gregory 2,
Referee:- John Ford                                                 Attendance:- 32
On a fine, warm summer’s evening, John Main and I, suitably replenished and revictualled at The Rose & Crown in Brailsford, visited Brassington’s impressive home. We’d seen them twice this season, both in away fixtures, one lost by 5-1 and one won by 6-0. Tonight, they went behind early to a goal after only two minutes, by half-time, they had the lead and three second half strikes sealed an efficient victory.

Monday 26th June 2017
(Ashbourne) Summer League

Doveridge 5

Ben Atherton 21,

Ollie Ritchie 30, 54, 79,

Jack Conlon 78,

Brassington 1

Ben Cartwright 63,
referee:- Frank Webster                                             Attendance:- 43
Doveridge is a small village just off the A50 and The Recreation Ground also hosts the Village Hall and other amenities. Brassington were 5-1 victors this time last week, but tonight they were sadly off the pace and a determined and rampant home side ran them into the ground.

The main changing rooms at Doveridge

Other Matches:-

Monday 5th June 2017

(Ashbourne) Summer League

FC Hulland  1  Doveridge  4                                     Attendance:- 15

This match was played out amidst a constant and unrelenting downpour. Top of the league Doveridge had won it by half time when they were leading 4-0. Plucky Hulland fought well in the second half and deserved their consolation eight minutes from time!


This season:-

Matches:- 250              New Grounds:- 114


Matches:-3,696           New Grounds:- 1,341


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May 2017

From “The Goals of Bingo Boot”

by Allan Ahlberg

The Devil sat in his chairman’s chair
And spoke in Bingo’s ear
‘I’ve pulled a few strings, I must confess,
To arrange your transfer here.
For we’ve got this little match, y’see
(And I’ve got this little bet)
Away to The Heavenly City
And we’ve never beaten them yet.”
The Heavenly City were quite a side
(With fans who could really sing)
Cherubs and seraphs in the squad
And angels on the wing
St Paul was a rock at centre half
St Elvis a rock ‘n’ roll
They had Mother Theresa to captain the team
And Almighty God in goal.
The kick-off time was three o’clock
At the city’s heavenly ground
The angels of the lord came down
And passed the ball around
The tackles started flying
Nero fouled a nun
And the ref booked Good King Wenceslas
For a trip on Attila The Hun.




Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Abacus Lighting Central Midlands League
Black Dragon North Division

Collingham 2

Tom Moore 3, 32,

AFC Bentley 2

Luke Farrar 21,

Brad Maddison 90+2,
Referee:- Zachary Parris                                       Attendance:- 61
Admission:- £3.00                                          Programme:- £1.00
The last league match of the season for these two clubs, fourth and third respectively in their division. Indeed, Collingham were on a fine run of seven straight wins which included a 23-1 victory against Thorne Colliery! One place above them, AFC Bentley could not be caught by their rivals who really ought to have won this match. The hosts led 2-1 at the interval and squandered several mouth-watering opportunities in the second half, only for the visitors to equalise in the second minute of added time!

Monday 8th May 2017
The (Derbyshire) Summer League
Bill Redfern Cup 2nd Round

Rose & Crown 5

Dan Bould 7. 16, 56 (pen),

Steve Wright 47, 84,

Brassington 1

Joe Redford 31,
Referee:- Syd Atwal                                                     Attendance:- 36
Admission:- F.O.C.                                              Programme:- NONE
This was our first foray into this season’s Summer league – indeed, it was John’s first dip of the toe into this alternative arena. The Rose & Crown pub in Boylestone, just over the road from the ground, sponsors the team (and serves excellent ale), but the evening was a chit billy with quite a cutting breeze. The hosts, who are the early season front runners in the league, ran out easy and deserved winners with a hat trick from Dan Bould.

Tuesday 9.th May 2017
Spartan South Midlands League Division 2

Pitstone & Ivinghoe 2

Loughton Manor 2
Referee:- Neil Howard                                            Attendance:- 52
Admission:- OMGDS£1.00 (£3)                           Programme:- NONE
The new ground for the hosts (this is their first season there), is not as good as the old one (in my opinion!). There is little more than a changing room pavilion, although, there are training lights and a small room for tea and crisps! Poignantly, the bench dedicated to Ben Wesley, pre-dates the new ground. Ben, a former youth player for the club, died in a road accident in 2012, aged only 18. Tonight was a game of two halves. The visitors scored two goals before the interval and the hosts replied with two of their own after the break. The healthy visiting support frequently reminded the referee vociferously of his shortcomings!

Wednesday 10th May 2017
Staffordshire County League Premier Division

Silverdale Athletic 2

Abbey Hulton United 2
Referee:- Chris Jackson                                        Attendance:- 58
Admission:- £2.00                                             Programme:- NONE
On a warm sunny evening, this arena had a beautiful, yet rugged, setting in the old Silverdale Colliery. The galleries run right underneath the pitch. The ground is adjacent to the extensive park built on the slag heaps from the coal mine. Tonight, champions Abbey Hulton United were the visitors. They will be playing North-West Counties League football next season. However, they have narrowly lost the last two fixtures and were a tad fortunate to escape with a point this evening. They took the lead in the first half, but were pegged back on the hour mark. They withstood heavy pressure from the hosts and broke away to score a second goal with four minutes remaining. Silverdale responded and deservedly equalised in the 90th minute.

Thursday 11th May 2017
Kershaws Cambridgeshire County League
Foster Challenge Cup Semi-final

Meldreth 2

Great Chisill 3

(after extra time FT:- 2-2)
Referee:- Peter Howard                                              Attendance:- 30
Admission:- F.O.C.                                                Programme:- NONE
Good pint in “The British Queen” down the road and there was a bar in the extensive facilities at Meldreth’s Eternit Sports Ground. Brian Buck, Peter Miles and Keith Slater were all there and the match was played on a very warm and pleasant evening. The visitors are some two divisions higher than Meldreth – indeed it will be three divisions, next season, as they have just won promotion. By the interval they had secured a two goal advantage and the result looked beyond doubt. Fifteen minutes into the second half, the hosts deservedly drew level. Thereafter however, chances to both sides were few and far between. With the light fading, the referee chose to allow twenty minutes of extra time and it was in the final of those twenty minutes after squandering several lucrative opportunities, that Great Chisill eventually overcame their plucky opponents, who surely had merited a penalty shoot-out.

Peter Miles (left), Keith Slater and Brian Buck on the right!

Friday 12th May 2017
Northants Combination Division 4 K.O. Cup Final

Corby Raven 1

Jamie Irvine 89,

Stanwick Rovers 1

Bill Gates 70,
No Extra Time. Stanwick Rovers won 5-4 on penalties.
Referee:- Tom Stapleton                                          Attendance:- 145
Admission:- £5.00                                          programme:- included
Wellingborough Whitworth’s ground forms the long leg of The “T” with Wellingborough Town’s ground (see photo below). This evening, they hosted a Northants Combination cup final. It was not a classic and, frankly, no surprise when the scores remained level at full time. There was no extra time and after Ravens missed with their first penalty, all the other penalties were scored and Stanwick Rovers took the cup by the slenderest of margins!

Behind the goal you can see the stand at Wellingborough Town’s ground!

The Flour Mill after which the side is named!

Monday 15th May 2017
(Derbyshire) Summer League

Mayfield 0

Brassington 6

Joe Redford 14, 25, 37, 40,

Will Duke 48 (og),

James Slater 54,
Referee:- John Ford (Sen)                                        Attendance:- 33
Last week, it was the visitors who were on the end of a thrashing, but this week they were dishing it out to a poor Mayfield side who huffed and puffed to little effect! It was my first visit to the compact and neat home of Mayfield and with me came the rain which grew increasingly incessant! The visitors had a star in their ranks – young Ben Cartwright plays for Chesterfield’s youth team and has recently been watched by Leicester City, so we were told. He didn’t score, but he did manage to find his name in the referee’s notebook! John Main, Graeme Askham and I drove up to the match and it was good to see Peter Ford there, too – fourteen games in a row, now with four or more goals in each of them for Peter!!

Graeme watches cocooned from the weather!

Wednesday 17th May 2017
FA Women’s Super League Spring Series

Birmingham City Ladies 2

Ellen White 39, 45,

Bristol City Women 0
Referee:- Sarah Garratt                                              Attendance:- 419
Admission:- OMGDS £5 (£8)                             Programme:- £2.50
The heavy rain that had pounded down all day relented as this match at Solihull Moors FC commenced this evening. Birmingham City, fresh from their cup final appearance last weekend, bombarded the Bristol goal but their only reward was a two goal burst from Ellen White, just before half-time, that won the game and the points. It was a good match on an excellent playing surface.

Sunday 21st May 2017
Non-League Finals Day at Wembley

Buildbase FA Vase Final

Cleethorpes Town 0

South Shields 4

Carl Finnigan 43,

Dillon Morse 80,

David Foley 86, 89,
Referee:- Darren England

Buildbase FA Trophy Final

Macclesfield Town 2

Rhys Browne 13,

Oliver Norburn 45+2

York City 3

Jon Parkin 8,

Vadaine Oliver 22,

Aidan Connolly 86,
Referee:- Paul Tierney
Attendance:- 38,224                         Admission:- OMGDS £10 (£25)
Programme:- £5      Hot dog:- £7.50          Pint of Real Ale:- £4.95
Great day out and a real bargain! The first match was a fairly pedestrian victory for a far superior South Shields team (who also brought the most support of all the teams on the day). The second match was much more entertaining with four goals being shared in the first half and a lone second half effort for The Minstermen claiming the victory after they had been under sustained pressure for much of the half.

Friday 26th May 2017

The Gayford Carrott Memorial Invitational Trophy Cup Final

The Leicester & Charnwood Sunday Football League

Shepshed United 2

Charlie Dunkin 64,

River Hardy 70,

Birstall Stamford A  5

Liam Derry 15, 29, 65, 68,

Aiden Black 38,

Referee:- Richard Robertson          Attendance:- 143

Admission:- £3.00                Programme:- incl.

I think they must have been holding cup finals at Holmes Park in Whetstone, Leicester, for nearly every day in May! This was one of the last ones and the Gayford Carrott Trophy is named after a chairman of the Leicestershire League who sadly succumbed to cancer in 2015. Birstall were the dominant team and had nonchalantly gained a three goal advantage before Shepshed got their names on the score sheet. There were four goals shared in the last twenty-five minutes, but Birstall decisively clinched the match and the trophy!

Saturday 27th May 2017
TWR Shipowners Charity Cup FINAL

Richmond Town 2

Martin Butterworth 48,

Wayne Greoziak 67,

Cleator Moor Celtic 4

Luke Close 6,

Callum Birdsall 53, 88,

Josh Charlton 90,
Referee:- James Westgate                        Attendance:- 359
Admission:- £2.00                                  Programme:- £1.00
We’ll forget the appalling traffic on the journey up to North Yorkshire, Earl’s Orchard was a dream of a ground in the vast shadow of Richmond Castle. There is no chance of development, no matter how ambitious Richmond Town are, no floodlights or stands would be allowed. Today, they entertained close rivals Cleator Moor Celtic, who bossed the first half, before a torrential downpour with hailstones and lightning, extended the half-time to nearly forty minutes. When play resumed, the hosts were more determined and managed an early equaliser. With three minutes to go, the sides were locked at 2-2 but two goals from the visitors right at the death, saw them claim the victory and the trophy – quite deservedly!

Blanked out by the heavy rain, the castle walls are barely visible!

Tuesday 30th May 2017
(Ashbourne) Summer League

Wheel Madrid 3

Tom Trevors 21,

Dan Hodgkinson 31,

Tom Hodgkinson 46,

Kirk Langley 2

Max 68, 84,
Referee:- Culi Sidhu                                               Attendance:- 31
Wheel Madrid hail from The Wheel Inn, in Ashbourne and play their home matches on Ashbourne Recreational Park (sharing with Ashbourne OB). This year, rugby has been added to the list of sports played there, but Ashbourne Town are still playing at Rocester and the site of Ashbourne Town’s new ground is still pretty derelict! Kirk Langley, who are not enjoying the most successful of seasons, looked the more likely early on, but the hosts struck twice in the first half and added a third in the second, before the visitors re-awoke their early match zeal and plundered a couple of goals late on, but it was too little, too late!

Notice the large sand covered furrow in the foreground!


Other matches:-

Monday 1st May 2017

Northants Senior Youth League East

Rothwell Corinthians 3  Desborough Town  4         Attendance:- 59

Tuesday 16th May 2017

Coventry Alliance Premier Division

Folly Lane 5 Jaguar/Daimler 5                            Attendance:- 16

Friday 19th May 2017

Everards Alliance League EW Foster Cup Final

Blaby United  6  FC Tumar  0                                 Attendance:- 319

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Leicestershire & Rutland FA Challenge Cup Final

Barwell  3  Coalville Town  1                                 Attendance:- 592

Wednesday 31st May 2017

FA Women’s Super League Spring Series

Birmingham City Ladies 0 Yeovil Town Ladies 0    Attendance:- 625



This Season:-    Matches:- 243             New Grounds:- 114

TOTAL:-            Matches:- 3,690         New Grounds:- 1,341

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April 2017

From:- “The Goals of Bingo Boot” by Allan Ahlberg


His goals in life were modest though

He had no wish to be

Sir Bingo Boot of Camden Town

Or Bingo O.B.E.

He loved his wife and family

His Kiddies, Joyce and Jim

He never went to see the King

The King came to see him.


His twilight years were mostly spent

With a ball in the local park

Kicking about with the local team

Having a laugh and a lark.

Yet still they couldn’t stop him

His old swerve worked a treat

Till he died at last with his boots on

Those most amazing feet


Eyes down for Bingo (in his grave)

The final whistle blown

The fans rolled up from miles around

“You’ll never walk alone!”

While Bingo’s spirit shimmied

With all its usual grace

And then was … relegated

To a most appalling place.




Saturday 1st April 2017
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 South

Tooting & Mitcham United 2

Michael Dixon 59,

Jack Mazzone 78,

South Park 0
Referee:- Michael Smith                                Attendance:- 623
Admission:- F.O.C.                                    Programme:- £2.00
There was a hint of April Showers in the air, but the weather generally behaved itself! The KNK Stadium is quite spectacular (see the pictures), and outside the stadium are a further two 3G pitches, both in use today! The club owns the ground and, no doubt some of the funding came from the sale of their old Sandy Lane arena. It was packed today with fans taking advantage of the free admission (average attendance this season is around the 200 mark). Craig had come down from Bedford and together we enjoyed the match, despite the dour first period. The second half was much livelier, and it was the hosts who took the spoils after stern resistance from South Park. Wonderful reception from the club. Invited into the boardroom, provided with team sheets, we couldn’t have been better treated!

Tuesday 4th April 2017
Kershaws Cambridgeshire County League
Foster Cup Quarter-final

Harston Bostocks 1

Stephen Barrett 71,

Sawston Rovers 2

Lee Gentle 77,

Shaun Skinner 82,
Referee:- Christopher Severino                       Attendance:- 18
Admission:- F.O.C.                                      Programme:- NONE
The hosts are champions of Division 5 of The Kershaw Cambs County League. The visitors are in Division 1. Before the game we speculated on how many Sawston might score. In reality, Harston were very unlucky to lose. To be fair, Rovers played badly and Bostocks played out of their skins. They even took the lead with less than twenty minutes to go and were good value! A couple of free kicks in the last fifteen minutes saw Rovers recover to win the match, but both were outside the area and whilst the goalkeeper was at fault for the first, the entire defence conspired to concede the second!

A frequent train rolls past in the background!

Wednesday 5th April 2017
Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division

Welwyn Garden City 0

Sun Sports 1

Karl Penny 45+1
Referee:- Martyn Cannon                                 Attendance:- 41
Admission:- £6.00                                        Programme:- None
Well, there was no programme, but the outside cover was available free of charge and with the current league table and both teams listed. They just hadn’t printed the inside pages! Herns Lane was looking just a little bit like a building site, maybe there are plans afoot to improve the stadium. In the first half, the visitors dominated and a goal duly arrived, but not until the very stroke of half-time. In the second half, the hosts huffed and puffed to no avail and Sun Sports from Watford deservedly took the victory and the points.

A small covered standing area on the far side with the floor covered in metal piping.

Friday 7th April 2017
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League

Premier Division

Peterborough Northern Star 1

Jezz Goldson-Williams 79,

Wisbech Town 4

Sam Murphy 15,

Luke Wilson 25,

Liam Adams 50,

Alex Beck 90+2
Referee:- Alex James                                           Attendance:- 135
Admission:- £6.00                                          Programme:- £1.50
Peterborough Northern Star started their existence at Eye, outside the City of Peterborough. Then, they were known as Northam Star after two brick yards in the area. When they left Eye and moved to the city, the name became bastardised into ‘Northern Star’ and so it has remained to this day! Tonight, they were humbled by a resolute and determined Fenmen side who popped in two goals in each half and for whom the star was wingman Liam Adams. The hosts scored a consolation ten minutes from time!

Saturday 8th April 2017
Sky Bet EFL League One

Chesterfield 1

Joe Rowley 54,

Port Vale 0
Referee:- Richard Clark                                     Attendance:- 5,527
Admission:- Hospitality                                  Programme:- Included
It was good to meet up with my two elder sons and my eldest grandson for the trip to Chesterfield. The weather was gorgeous and the Proact Stadium looked at its best, bathed in golden sunshine. The hospitality was excellent but perhaps the match lacked a little in glamour. No goals in a fairly turgid opening half, but the second period was much more lively and after a spirited spell by the visitors, the hosts broke away and scored the only goal of the encounter, seventeen years old Joe Rowley being the lucky striker. Both these teams are in serious danger of relegation to League Two and this match helped neither as other results meant that the hosts have to win their remaining four games and the visitors were dragged into the basement pack!

Grandson Freddie

Son, James and his nephew, Freddie


Birthday boy, son Mike

The old man with eldest son Jim and grandson Freddie

Monday 10th April 2017
Barclays Premier League 2 Division 1.

Leicester City U-23 0

Manchester United U-23 0
Referee:- Simon Barrow                                Attendance:- 3,425
Admission:- OMGDS £1.00 (£3)                Programme:- None
This is not the first time that Leicester City have drawn 0-0 in one of these matches. They managed the same result at St Georges Park against Derby County when I saw them last month. It wasn’t that bad a match. Leicester were well organised and United had no cutting edge and despite the increasingly frustrated Nicky Butt on the touchline, it was Leicester who seemed the more likely as the match wore on! However, the draw was probably a fair result!

Nicky Butt, manager of Manchester United U-23s

Tuesday 11th April 2017
Kershaws Cambridgeshire County League Premier Division

Foxton 3

Eliot Keating 2, 20,

Mark Hobbs 39,

Fulbourne Institute 4

Ashley Skipp 8, 59,

Matt Edwards 29, 33,
Referee:- Christopher Darling                                Attendance:- 73
Admission:- F.O.C.                                          Programme:- NONE
Foxton is a village, maybe some ten miles from Cambridge, well endowed with sporting facilities. The pavilion is extensive and besides the children’s leafy play area, there ia a cricket pitch, football pitch and bowling green. Sadly, the football team are languishing in the nether regions of the division, whilst opponents, Institute are well placed in the top half of the table. Six goals were shared in the first half as the hosts twice took the lead and then equalised. In the second half, both sides could have scored, but it was the visitors who claimed the decisive strike and took the victory and the points.


The Northern Counties East League


The North West Counties League


13 – 17th April 2017

Thursday 13th April 2017

Toolstation Northern Counties East League Division 1

Campion   4

Jason Davis 49,

Daniel Cunningham 70,

Ben Kendall 75,

Eli Hey 86,

Dronfield Town 1

Danny Wood 47,

Referee:- Benjamin Tomlinson              Attendance:- 268

Admission:- £5.00                             Programme£2.00

This was one of the earliest homes of Bradford Park Avenue when they lost their own ground, but as they moved up the leagues, it became unsuitable!

Friday 14th April 2017                k.0.:- 11.00am

Northern Counties East League Premier Division

Garforth Town  0

Staveley Miners Welfare  0

Referee:- Peter Walker                                     Attendance:- 324

Admission:- £5.00                                    Programme:- £1.50

My Latin is a bit rusty, but I think the translation (roughly) suggests:- “If I can, I will”

The covering on the stand is about as much use as a chocolate teapot in inclement weather!!!

At a football ground?

Friday 14th April 2017                      k.o.:- 2.30pm

Toolstation Northern Counties East League

Premier Division

Harrogate Railway Athletic    0

Pickering Town  5

Lewis Taylor 20 (pen),

Nick Thompson 32,

Eddie Birch 44,

George Bissett 52,

Ryan Blott 62,

Referee:- Craig Buxton                                  Attendance:- 353

Admission:- £5.00                                Programme:- £2.00

Again, the translation is a little rough –

“Hard work never killed anyone”.

Les Bull enjoying a coffee in the stand behind the goal

Cliff and Margaret. Smile Margaret!!!!

Friday 14th April 2017                                        k.o.:- 5.30pm

Toolstation Northern Counties East League Division 1

Knaresborough Town   1

Colin Heath 38,

Pontefract Collieries   5

Glyn Cotton 51, 70,

Luke Jeffs 56,

Jack Greenough 67,

Kane Reece 69,

Referee:- Gareth Thomas                  Attendance:- 405

Admission:- £5.00                            Programme:- £1.50

Saturday 15th April 2017                        k.o.:- 11.00am

Toolstation Northern Counties East League Division 1

Rossington Main   0

Hall Road Rangers   1

Chris Spinks 37,

Referee:- Peter Henger                                    Attendance:- 323

Admission:- £5.00                                   Programme:- £1.50

Saturday 15th April 2017                       k.o.:- 2.00pm

Toolstation Northern Counties East League

Premier Division

Armthorpe Welfare   1

Ruben Pearse 87,

Memsworth Miners Welfare   6

Nash Connolly 4,

Billy Law 31,

Richard Collier 33, 63, 79, 90,

Referee:- Tom Bishop                        Attendance:- 231

Admission:- £5.00                           Programme:- £1.50

John Main at the entrance to the ground.

Saturday 15th April 2017                        k.o.:- 6.00pm

Toolstation Northern Counties East League Division 1

Selby Town   1

Jason Crisp 33,

Penistone Church   1

Scott Whittington 70,

Referee:- Ricky Taylor                            Attendance:- 386

Admission:- £5.00                         Programme:- £1.50

Hallmark Security North West Counties League

Sunday 16th April 2017                         k.o.:- 11.30am

Hallmark Security North West Counties League

Premier Division

Ashton Athletic   2

Daniel Smith 10,

Lee Vaughan 63,

Squires Gate   1

Joseph Noblet 2,

Referee:- Richard Holmes                               Attendance:- 298

Admission:- £5.00                                  Programme:- £1.50

French, this time! I think it translates as:-

“In God is my hope”.

Sunday 16th April 2017                            k.o.:- 2.30pm

Hallmark Security North West Counties League Division 1

Ashton Town   0

Stockport Town  2

Jamie Hinchcliffe 31, 58,

Referee:- James Sheppard                       Attendance:- 315

Admission:- £5.00                             Programme:- £1.50

Sunday 16th April 2017                              k.o.:- 6.00pm

Hallmark Security North West Counties League

Premier Division

Runcorn Town    4

Craig Cairns 16 (pen), 55,

Mark Reed  48, 77,

Barnton   1

Jason McShane 73,

Referee:- Wade Smith                               Attendance:- 335

Admission:- £5.00                           Programme:- £1.50

The ground was dominated by the Chemical works which loomed behind it!

Monday 17th April 2017

Hallmark Security North West Counties  League

Premier Division   K.O.:- 11.00am

Atherton Collieries   5

Darrhyl Mason 4,

Jordan Cover 21 (pen), 67, 71 (pen),

Vincent Bailey 49

AFC Darwen  1

Nicholas Hepple 80,

Referee:- E. Swallow                                Attendance:- 478

Admission:- £5.00                          Programme:- £1.50

A free Easter Egg for all spectators!!!

Monday 17th April 2017 K.O.:- 2.45pm

Hallmark Security North West Counties League 

Premier Division

West Didsbury & Chorlton   3

Nia Bayunu 70,

Saul Henderson 90+1,

Carlos Mendes Gomes 90+4,

Congleton Town  1

Callum Gardner 84,

Referee:- C. Porter                                    Attendance:- 295

Admission:- £5.00                                Programme:- £1.50

Monday 17th April 2017

Hallmark Security North West Counties League  K.O.:- 5.45pm

Premier League

Maine Road   2

Matthew Morgan 17, 50,

Abbey Hey  2

Matthew Cook 62,

Ashford Blake 79,

Referee:- Robert Wainwright                         Attendance:- 259

Admission:- £5.00                                       Programme:- £1.50

Tuesday 18th April 2017
Kershaws Cambridgeshire County League Premier Division

Sawston United 2

Will Rolph 7,

Jamie Campbell 29,

Eaton Socon 3

Mayson Byatt 4,

Lee Bassett 17,

Shane Fox 72,
Referee:- Joseph Karram                                  Attendance:- 32
Admission:- F.O.C.                                      Programme:- NONE
Sawston United share some very impressive facilities with the cricket club on the site of Sawston Community College which also houses the rugby club, bowls club, library, and swimming pool. In the football club house there is tea/coffee and small snacks and there is also a bar next door. However, things have not gone so well on the field of play. The manager left before Christmas, the team sank to the bottom of the division and only a herculean task by the players has salvaged a pretty awful season. At least relegation now seems unlikely. The visitors had problems of their own. Ambitious for step six football, they suddenly discovered that their pitch dimensions did not meet the requirements and negotiations are in hand with the local council to extend their pitch. On the field, they are handily placed in fourth, but this match was won with a single second half strike after the teams went into the interval at 2-2. Perhaps a draw might have been a fairer result!

Thursday 20th April 2017
Kershaws Cambridgeshire League Premier Division

Hemingfords United 3

Jack Jefferson 42, 49,

Matt Wright 52,

Fowlmere 3

David McMurrough 47,

Roger Skeggs 56,

Scott Piggott 61,
Referee:- Christopher Darling                                Attendance:- 52
Admission:- F.O.C.                                          Programme:- NONE
There is Hemingford Grey and (posh) Hemingford Abbotts and the football team encompasses them both, being known as Hemingfords United in the plural! They have an extensive club house and facilities which includes cricket, tennis, bowls, table tennis and squash. There was tea and (free) chocolate digestives for the spectators and it was good to see a smattering of hoppers including Andy English, Dave Garrow and Tony Incenzo. The match exploded in the 36th minute with the sending off of a visiting player for violent conduct. Immediately afterwards, the hosts took the lead but that signalled only the beginning of a goal rush which saw six goals shared in a ten minute spell either side of the interval. These two sides are battling relegation, but it is the hosts who will be the better pleased with the draw!

Friday 21st April 2017
Everards Alliance League Bill Watts Cup FINAL

Finchys 3

Ricky Taylor 10,

James Ireland 55, 90,

Sparta Moshdock 2

Steve Morley 20, 28,
Referee:- Graham Swann                                       Attendance:- 241
Admission:- £3.00                                         Programme:- Included
Holmes Park is the HQ of The Leicestershire & Rutland FA and also home to Leicester City U-23 sides. Both parties have ensured considerable development to the amenities. This was the fourth in a line of recent Friday evening Cup Finals. The Alliance Sunday League Cup Final pitched third placed Finchys against Premier Division Champions Sparta Moshdock (where do they get these names from?). It was a fast and furious, but a very open match and the five goal haul could easily have been surpassed. Moshdock deservedly led at the interval, courtesy of two strikes from captain Steve Morley. Thereafter, Finchys launched their own secret weapon in the shape of substitute James Ireland who scored two second half goals – the second on 90 minutes – to ensure that the under-dogs triumphed!

Tuesdsay 25th April 2017
Kershaws Cambridgeshire League Division 2B

Wimblington 4

Chris Fury  46, 53,

Alex Knowles 51,

Connor Morton 72,

Isleham United 0
Referee:- Martin Pettit                                            Attendance:- 11
Admission:- F.O.C.                                           Programme:- NONE
Delving a little lower down the Kershaws pyramid, brought Graeme and I to The Parkfield on Chapel Lane, home of Wimblington which is situated midway between Chatteris and March in the boringly flat fens! There was a well equipped clubhouse with a bar and food available as fourth placed Wimblington took on mid-table visitors, Isleham United. The hosts have no chance of promotion, but they thrashed their opponents in a four goal burst from the beginning of the second half after a fairly frustrating opening period.

Wednesday 26th April 2017
Hunts FA Senior Challenge Cup FINAL

St Neots Town 0

Eynesbury Rovers 1

Tom Coles 41,
Referee:- Hallam Cutmore                                  Attendance:- 440
Admission:- OMGDS £5.00 (£8)                   Programme:- F.O.C.
Eynesbury Rovers play two divisions below St Neots Town and they had to play this final at their opponents Rowley Park ground.
The officials of The Hunts FA couldn’t have been more helpful. The match programme was free as was the team sheet. Rovers were magnificent! They defended stubbornly and scored the only goal of the encounter just short of the interval. After the break, St Neots’ play improved, but they were never a match for their well organised opponents who deservedly took the trophy!

Saturday 29th April 2017
Essex Senior League

Barking 2

Steve Willis 28, 82,

Stansted 5

Sam Ashford 37,

Jack Isherwood 38,

Jordan Holdsworth 85,

Jez David 88,

Tom Lakin 90+2

Referee:- Jamie Garwood                                    Attendance:- 70
Admission:- OMGDS£3.00 (£5)                  Programme:- £1.50
There was a souvenir programme today to mark Barking winning The Essex Senior League Championship and with 100 points, too! Sadly, the ground has seen better days. Delapidation was everywhere evident and it took the gloss off the championship somewhat! Stansted must hold the evil eye on the hosts. Last season they won 5-0 here. Today, for a match with so many goals, it was a strangely lacklustre affair. However, three goals in the last five minutes that won it for the visitors! Meanwhile, the cricket brethren of Barking were crushing Ace CC, right next door!

The Essex Senior League Championship Trophy


Other matches in April:-

Monday 3rd April 2017

Northants Senior Youth League Cup Quarter-final

Desborough Town 1 Rothwell Corinthians o          attendance:- 65

Monday 24th April 2017

Northants Senior Youth League Cup Semi-final

Desborough Town  1  Bugbrooke St Michael  1    attendance:- 42

Bugbrooke won 5-4 on penalties

Friday 28th April 2017

U-23 Professional Development League 2

Birmingham City 5  Nottingham Forest  2            attendance:- 70


This Season:             Matches:- 225             New Grounds:- 109

TOTAL:                     Matches:- 3,671          New Grounds:- 1,337

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March 2017

from:- “The Goals of Bingo Boot” by Allan Ahlberg

And so the years went flying by

In liniment and sweat

Life was a great high-scoring game

An ever bulging net

And Arsenal won the cup and league

Six seasons on the trot

All on account of Bingo Boot

And his most amazing shot.


But now the storm clouds gathered

And at last the whistle blew

for the start of a really crucial game

The battle of World War Two.

It was England versus Germany

And Bingo heard the call

He marched away in his shooting boots

To assist in Adolf’s fall.


Then when the war was finished

And he’d left the fusiliers

Brave Bingo served the Gunners

For another fifteen years.

No net was ever empty

No sheet was ever clean

He scored more goals a season

Than even Dixie Dean.




Wednesday 1st March 2017
British Universities & Colleges Sport
Womens Cup – Semi-Final

Cambridge University Women 2

Becca Hirst 24, 90+1

Leicester University Women 1

Millie Cutler 81
Referee:- Peter Howard                                         Attendance:- 18
I can remember umpiring cricket matches at Fitzwilliam Playing Fields, but it didn’t make it any easier for John and Graeme and myself to find the place tucked away off a side road opposite Fitzwilliam College itself! We had high hopes for Leicester Women, but on the day they played like a hen party on the morning after. Cambridge were a good side who passed well and Leicester were unable to play with their usual freedom. They missed several straightforward chances in the first half, whilst Cambridge scored with their only effort on target. In the second half of a very even match, Millie Cutler equalised with ten minutes to go, but Cambridge won it in the first minute of added time!

Friday 3rd March 2017
Barclays U-18 Premier League North Section

Stoke City 0

Manchester United 2

Josh Bohui 47

DJ Buffonge 81,
Attendance:- 107                                             Admission:- F.O.C.
No programme – Free team sheets provided.
With all the rain around, we were never quite sure if this game would go ahead. In the event, the pitch was in very good condition and the match was played at a high tempo. Always a pleasure to visit Stoke City’s Clayton Wood Academy, where the welcome is warm and the impression is given that spectators are appreciated rather than begrudged! This was a match betweenn the whippets from Manchester against the carthorses of Stoke. There was no score in the first half, despite the visitors being awarded a penalty, which was saved. In the second half, the hosts performed much better and were themselves awarded a penalty which they, too, squandered! Either side of this second penalty, the visitors struck, but they were made to work hard for a victory they should have achieved at a canter!

Saturday 4th March 2017
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 South

Faversham Town 1

Luke Harvey 16,

Molesey 0
Referee:- Jack Packan Attendance:- 188
Admission:- OMGDS£5.00 (£10) Programme:- £2.00
Let the train take the strain, an hour from Kettering to St Pancras and an hour from St Pancras to Faversham, then a ten minute walk to the quaint old fashioned stadium with lots of evidence of prefabrication and brand new changing rooms almost completed – with room for another storey on top if they can find the funds! The game wasn’t much to write home about. A goal after sixteen minutes put the hosts in front and all the huffing and puffing that Molesey could offer came to nought. That’s three times I’ve seen Molesey, now, in a fortnight, and each time they have lost!

Tuesday 7th March 2017
East Midlands Counties League

Anstey Nomads 3

Mark Foster 62, 

Joe Hartopp 72,

Chris Rudkin 90+5

Barrow Town 2

Sam Beaver 65,

Chris Shaw 79,
Referee:- Adam Brierly-Lewis                          Attendance:- 52
Admission:- £5.00                                           Programme:- £1.00
This was my first visit to Nomads since 2009 and there has been a raft of improvements which rendered the stadium almost unrecognisable from my first visit!. Maybe they could have improved the floodlights, because they were very dim (as you can see from the photos). Barrow had won the reverse fixture handsomely by 4-0 and the hosts were seeking revenge. There were no goals at all in the first hour but then an avalanche as each side scored in succession. Right at the death, the visitors had a golden chance to score the winner and missed it only for Nomads to score in the fifth minute of added time to seal a victory they barely deserved!

Friday 10th March 2017

Welsh League Division 1

Risca United  1

Kyle Williams 46,

 Monmouth Town  3

Craig Lewis 38, 42,

Kaz Kareem 56,

Referee:- Mark Lynch                                Attendance:- 147

Admission:- OMGDS £3.00 (£5)           Programme:- £1.50

Plastic pitch at a fairly new stadium which had a rugby union stadium attached across the top behind one goal to form a T-shape double arena.

Plenty of ritzy light and colour and a pretty big main stand, but totally lacking in atmosphere. I even went down the road for a pint before the match!

Both of these teams are struggling this season and Risca United are in the more precarious position, some five points behind their opponents and in the relegation places. Monmouth fended them off for most of the first half and then produced a couple of strikes to kill the game off as a contest. Risca pulled a goal back immediately after half-time, but Town restored their two goal advantage some ten minutes later and deserved the win and the points.


Saturday 11th March 2017

K.O. 10.45am Carmarthenshire League Division 2

Kidwelly Town  3

Kyle Griffiths 36,

Gideon Griffiths 38 (og)

Ryan Jones 89,

Drefach  1

Chris Amos 7,

Referee:- Phillip Johns                      Attendance:- 154

Admission:- £3.00                             Programme:- £1.00

Above is a view of the entrance to The Ivy Bush Hotel where we have stayed for several years now, following both The Ceredigion League and The Carmarthenshire League. Always happy to return here!

Interesting place, Kidwelly! There is a really good castle, which John Main and I found time to explore. It is well preserved and obviously lovingly looked after by the people of the town. It was a great fortress in medieval times and passed from side to side as the English sought to establish hegemony in The Principality.

The football club is an appendage on the far edge of Kidwelly RFC. The rugby club boast floodlights, but the football club have only a field with a rope round it!

The three pictures above were all taken from a vantage point at the top of Kidwelly Castle!

For most of the opening half, the visitors held the lead through a 7th minute Chris Amos strike. Two goals, however, just shy of half time, sent them in arrears. In an end to end second half, it seemed that no further strikes would accrue, but then, in the last minute, Ryan Jones struck for the hosts to seal their victory!

Sir Alfred Stephens, who, at the beginning of the last century, brought prosperity to Kidwelly with the building of a vast brickworks. It is his name that adorns the town’s playing fields!

Saturday 11th March 2017

K.O.:- 1.30pm  Carmarthenshire League Premier Division

Evans & Williams 0 

Trostre Sports  1

Christopher Waters 23,

Referee:- Mike Jones                             Attendance:- 134

Admission:- £3.00                                Programme:- £1.00

This was a hastily arranged fixture between the two top sides in the division. It was played on a pitch on local council owned playing field and there was room for about five or six pitches, although only one other match was being played around the same time!

Evans & Williams were, apparently, wagon builders in the area.

This was a dour struggle of a match. Each side had chances to score – and to win, but it was the visitors, courtesy of a 23rd minute strike by Christopher Waters, who stole the contest and the points.

For Evans & Williams, it was only a third league defeat of the season. Their opponents, too, have only lost three league matches, but it is the hosts who, despite this defeat, look the most likely to take the championship!


Saturday 11th March 2017

K.O.:- 4.00pm   Carmarthenshire League Premier Division

Seaside   2

Sean Rogers 33, 66,

Carmarthen Stars  0

Referee:- Matt Deschoolmeister                Attendance:- 175

Admission:- £3.00                                  Programme:- £1.00

I could be wrong, but I don’t really think that there is a place actually called “Seaside”. I think that it is just the name of a football club on the south Carmarthenshire coast inside the borough of Llanelli. For all of that  – and the fact that it was little more than a field with a rope around – it was warm, friendly and welcoming and if they didn’t quite get the timing right for the curry and chips, it was well worth the wait!

Seaside have quite an impressive club house and England’s clinical dissection of Scotland in The Rugby was screened all during the match. There was a quite reasonable selection of beer on offer as well!

There is a little hillock on the far side of the ground, which offers a better view of the game and would, if there had been no mist, have offered sight of the sea across the road.

As for the game, Seaside are probably the only real challengers to Evans & Williams at the top of The Carmarthenshire League Premier Division. They lie six pouts adrift of the leaders and a point ahead of third place Trostre Sports.

Carmarthen Stars have ambitions to advance further – one of the few teams in this league who are so minded. However, it won’t be next season as a goal in each half from the hosts sent them home pointless!

Sunday 12th March 2017

K.O.:- 11.00am   Bridgend & District Sunday League

Premier Division

Garth Vader   2

Nathan Whelan 65,

Josh Garfield 86,

St Patricks Rovers   7

Lloyd Howells 14,

Dylan Llewellyn  23, 41,

Jack Thomas 29,

Sean Kyle  42,

Paul Evans 53, 87,

Referee:- Ron Preece                           Attendance:- 79

Admission:- F.O.C.                             Programme:- £1.00

This was Sunday League football at its most primitive! I doubt that the match would have been played except for the crowds of hoppers who came to watch this hastily arranged detour from the original plan, when one of the Carmarthenshire League clubs decided a week ago that their pitch would not be fit to play on this Sunday!

The mist hung low over the valley. Garth Vader play their home matches in Maesteg – or a suburb thereof. They are languishing at the foot of their league table, whilst their opponents are leading the pack and favourites for the title.

It was going to be one way traffic, surely. The very heavy pitch intervened. Parts of it were virtually unplayable and a dribble likely to be terminated by the pitch rather than any opposing player.

Despite this, St Patricks amassed five goals in the first half and a double digit scoreline certainly seemed to be on the cards.

Give credit to the hosts. The may have lost the opening half and conceded five goals, but the second half ended all square with the hosts proving their resilience – and determination not to be humiliated.

Chris organised a raffle for the club which raised £80 from the hoppers and spectators!

Sunday 12th March 2017

K.O.:- 3.00pm  South Wales Alliance Premier Division

Cardiff Corinthians  1

Jake Bartlett 50,

Pontyclun  2

Shaun Moss 49 (pen),

Joel Woodington 70

Referee:- Mark Boucher                         Attendance:- 189

Admission:- £3.00                                  Programme:- £1.00

The last match of the ‘hop’ brought us to Cardiff for another dip into The South Wales Alliance. Last August, we saw Grange Albion thrash today’s hosts by 3-0 as they started life in The Alliance after their fall from The Welsh League.

The ground was hard by the railway station and access was via a low bridge under the railway line. It is, in reality, a cricket club where Corinthians have purloined one end to play football. There is some cover on the far side of the football pitch and the club house was doing a roaring trade in bottled ale, faggots and chips and pizza slices!

For this match, the club had printed out souvenir tickets.

Mike Squires won’t thank me for this photo from before the match, as he sinks his teeth into today’s speciality of faggots and peas!

After a pretty awful first half and the scores 0-0, the game burst into life five minutes into the second half. I was standing behind the goal where the penalty was awarded to the visitors and I would have said that it was ‘soft’ at best. It was scored however, yet, within a minute, Corinthians swept down to the other end in a sweet, direct move and scored the equaliser.

The visitors always appeared to have too much in reserve and so it proved when they score the winner, some twenty minutes from the end

There was a good turnout for this ‘hop’, despite TWO last minute glitches which meant that matches had to be picked up elsewhere. However, there was a pretty good spirit amongst the hoppers and I think they appreciated the efforts that Chris had made on their behalf. I certainly did!

Tuesday 14th March 2017

EUFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg

Leicester City  2

Wes Morgan 27,

Marc Albrighton 55,

Sevilla  0

Samir Nasri s/o 73

Referee:- Daniele Orsato                        Attendance:- 31,520

Admission:- OMGDS£45.00                              Programme:- £4.00
What an absolute belter of a match! The King Power was rocking and the impossible came about through a circuitous route of happenstance. A worthy goal in each half from The Foxes, a crucial penalty save from Kasper Schmeichel at 2-0, Samir Nasri sent off for the visitors, the Sevilla coach dismissed to the stands, Jamie Vardy a prowling predator who pounced at every opportunity and the wonderfully supportive crowd who remained behind well after the final whistle had gone. It was a great night for Leicester City fans!

Leicester City win 3-2 on aggregate.

Wednesday 17th March 2017
British Universities & Colleges Sport
Women’s Midland Division 3A

Leicester University 5

Millie Cutler 51, 56, 87,

Shauna Cossens 59,

Emma Aspinall 76,

Nottingham Trent University 2

Dominique Moran 3,  5,
Referee:- Ian Danson                                          Attendance:- 31
Admission:- F.O.C.                                             Programme:- None
This was the last league match of the season and the championship decider, although the hosts were some three points better off and with a vastly superior goal difference. It was a warm Spring day and the sun shone down on the two best teams in the league. Two goals from Dominique Moran, the visitors striker, in the first five minutes gave a huge boost to Trent and it could have been more as a very lacklustre home team toiled through the first half. The second half was an altogether different affair as the Leicester phalanx rolled into action and battered the visitors mercilessly. A hat-trick from top scorer Millie Cutler and additional goals from Shauna Cossens and Emma Aspinall crushed the spirit out of the visitors and there should, perhaps have been more with better composure in front of goal. At the end, the Leicester team celebrated raucously, all the more so, as this time last year, it was Trent who were toasting the victory and the championship. The visitors, meanwhile, trudged off disconsolately, having been well beaten.

There was good support for this championship decider – especially from the women’s second team, who turned out in force!

I’ve enjoyed following the Leicester University Women’s team this season. Of course it is much better watching them on a fine sunny afternoon in Leicester in March, rather than a cold dank afternoon at Girton College in January. I like the way they play, without inhibition and with a good team spirit. Maybe I’ll see them again, next season!

Friday 17th March 2017

Netherlands Erstedivisie

Fortuna Sittard 3

Djibril Dianessy  11,

Emran Bassan  29, 70,

De Graafschap  2

Piotr Parzyszek  6 (pen),

Bart Straalman 90,

Referee:- A. Lindhout                         Attendance:- 1,512

Admission:- €25.00       No programme, but a free team-sheet.


An early morning flight from Luton Airport and a languorous non-stop train journey  on a double-decker train down to Sittard, a lovely olde worlde town with a huge square at the centre and a football club some mile and a half outside the centre.

I met up with my son James and two friends, Jonny Crane and Mark Sumner, who were completing their Odyssey through Dutch football some eight years after we had all started out. For me, this was a second visit to Sittard. I was last here in February 2011 when the hosts went down by a single goal to Go Ahead Eagles Deventer.

Some three hundred away fans made plenty of colourful noise with their fireworks and flares.

The last time I was here, the ground, which holds some twelve thousand spectators and has seated stands all round, was called “The Trendwork Arena”. Now, it has reverted to its original title – Euregionaal Sport- & Congrescentrum, Sportcentrumlaan 6 – which is a bit of a mouthful, and suggests that it is a council owned stadium.

It was sad to see how paltry was the attendance. It was even some twelve hundred less than on my last visit. The club has surely fallen on hard times!

It was a good game, though, De Graafschap were as recently as last season in The Dutch Eredivisie and they took the lead with a penalty after only six minutes. Back came Fortuna with two goals to take them into a half-time lead. It was a lead that they extended with only twenty minutes to go, but De Graafschap were not finished yet and clawed one goal back, right at the death.


Saturday 18th March 2017

German Bundesliga

FC Koln  4

Yuya Osako 6,

Anthony Modeste 36, 38, 64

Hertha Berlin  2

Vedad Ibisevic 50 (pen),

John Brooks 69,

Referee:- Marco Fritz aus Korb               Attendance:- 49,500

Admission:- €58.00                                  Programme:- F.O.C.

Another early morning journey by train from Sittard to Aachen, where I boarded a Thalys Train for the last leg of the journey to Cologne. I arrived there almost at the same time as my middle son, Michael and two of his friends, Gary Miller and Rory Clark arrived at the station from their flight to Cologne from Stanstead.

My middle son, Michael, on the right with yours truly in the centre and Rory Clark on the left on the approaches to The Rheine Energie Stadion.

The Rheine Energie stadium is a truly imposing piece of architecture. It perhaps lacks the flowing, majestic splendour of The San Siro Stadium and is much more Teutonic in design. Nonetheless it is very impressive!

Pre-match entertainment included these cheerleaders who kept up a non-stop show for a good half-hour!

The goat is the mascot of 1st FC Koln, and it duly appeared on the pitch before kick-off.

There are two areas for standing at the stadium. One for the home fans, behind the goal and festooned with flags and drums. The other, is behind the opposite goal and a smaller coterie of away fans did their best to break into the home-side’s cacophony.

Our seats must have been at least one hundred metres above pitch level. Not one for heights, I was pleased that there was a bar in front of each row of seats for the queasy to hang onto! We were right on the half-way line and it was a magnificent view!

It was also a thrilling match.Cologne were a couple of places below Hertha in the top half of the table, but they started like a train with a goal from Yuya Osako in the sixth minute and two more from Anthony Modeste in the final ten minutes of the half. In the second half, Hertha did pull a goal back through a penalty (see above) in the fiftieth minute, before Anthony Modeste (once on loan at Blackburn Rovers from Bordeaux) completed his hat-trick and John Brooks scored a consolation strike for the visitors.

Sunday 19th March 29017

German Bundesliga 2

VFL Bochum 1848   1

Johannes Wurtz 62,

Erzgerbirge Aue  1

Dimitrij Nazarov 11 (pen)

Referee:- Christian Dietz (Munich)      Attendance:- 13,875

Admission:- €34.00                             Programme:- F.O.C.

I don’t know if we chose a particularly difficult weekend, but German trains ran very badly for us today! There were delays and delays upon delays, but fortunately, we didn’t miss any of the action! In fact we got to Bochum under the mistaken apprehension that the match kicked off at 12.30pm, when in fact it started at 1.30pm!

from left:- Gary Miller, Mike McGeown, Rory Clark

I would class Bochum as a team like Bolton Wanderers in England. They have a pretty impressive stadium which can hold around thirty thousand spectators, but they are bogged down in the mediocrity of Bundesliga 2.

Even a town like Bochum has a tram service from the railway station to the football ground. We got there far too early. We thought the match kicked off at 12.30 and in fact it was a 13.30 kick-off!

Bochum are in the bottom half of the table, but higher than their opponents, Erzgerbirge Aue, who are flirting with relegation. Prior to this match, however, the visitors had pulled off a couple of wins and a draw to ease their relegation worries. They didn’t look a bad side, either. They scored early on with a penalty and easily kept the hosts at bay until they conceded an equaliser just after the hour mark. Judging from the play, they must have been disappointed to concede two late points and be forced to settle for the draw!

It was a dull day with squally rain showers. The floodlights were on for the second half.

Tuesday 21st March 2017
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League
Premier Division

Leicester Nirvana 3

Ryan Calver 37,

Jurelle Phillip 55,

Jahdatin Harper 90+4,

Harborough Town 2

Greg Usher 25,

Ben Williams 88
Referee:- Oliver Mackey                                    Attendance:- 64
Admission OMGDS£3.00 (£5)
Programme:- £1.00
This is the third home of Nirvana that I have visited and judging by the amount of ‘hoppers’ present, it was a new ground for all of us! It was a cold evening with a biting wind and Hamilton Park, although up and running, is not quite finished yet with some covered standing still being erected adjacent to the Meccano seated stand. It is a stark and bare ground – but then again, the weather didn’t help! Nirvana have slipped of late and are languishing in the bottom four. Harborough, on the other hand are on the up, but this evening was not to be their night. Having led 1-0 and been down 2-1, they pulled the match back to 2-2 in the 89th minute, only to lose to a nonchalant flick of a goal in the 95th minute!

Tuesday 28th March 2017
Evo-Stik Northern Premier League
Premier Division

Barwell 1

Dec Towers 50,

Rushall Olympic 1

Joe Hull 54,
Referee:- Daniel Hanna                                           Attendance:- 146
Admission:- OMGDS£6.00 (£10)                     Programme:- £2.00
After a week of enforced absence it was good to get out to a football match again! Not that this was a good match. It was probably marginally less boring than watching England playing Lithuania! A goalless first half was followed by two goals in the first ten minutes of the second half, when the game then reverted to type. Perhaps the real entertainment came from the group of eight or ten fans of The Norwegian Barwell Fan Club who kept up a cacophony of noise throughout the match!

Wednesday 29th March 2017
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League

Premier Division

Huntingdon Town 0

Desborough Town 1

Jason Turner 24,
Referee:- Lukas Wood                                   Attendance:- 40
Admission:- £5.00                                        Programme:- £1.00
Huntingdon is the coldest, windiest ground in the United Counties League, but this evening, it was mild and still. In 2010, over £1 million was spent on a new clubhouse and changing facilities. Hunts FA hold many of their finals there, but the home club just seem bedevilled by lack of success. It was a good match. Ar Tarn should have won more convincingly given their territorial possession, but The Pilgrims stuck tenaciously to their task. the only goal came midway through the first half.



This Season:                Matches :- 197         New Grounds:- 97

Total:-                          Matches:- 3,643     New Grounds:- 1,325


Other matches:-

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Abacus Lighting Central Midlands League

Black Dragon North Division

Collingham  2  Askern  1                             Attendance:- 36

Monday 6th March 2017

Barclays Premier League 2 Division 1 (at St George’s Park)

Derby County U-23 0 Leicester City U-23 0      Attendance:- 162

Monday 13th March 2017

Barclays U-23 Premier League 2 Division 1 (at The Ipro Stadium)

Derby County U-23  2  Everton U-23  3                  Attendance:- c600

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February 2017

from:- “The Goals of Bingo Boot”

And all the while in streets and parks

On pitches large or small

Without a proper pair of boots

Sometimes without a ball!

With tin cans in the clattering yard

In weather cold or hot

Young Bingo shimmied left and right

And scored with every shot


His poor old mum scrubbed office floors

His poor old gran did too

The pantry was an empty place

The rent was overdue

Then Bingo had a brainwave

Shall I tell you what he did?

He sold himself to The Arsenal

For thirteen thousand quid


The first game that he ever played

At the tender age of ten

Young Bingo just ran rings round

Eleven baffled men

The fans of course went crazy

The fans went ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Ah!’

While Bingo took the match ball home

And bought his dad a car.

by Allan Ahlberg (1937 – )




Wednesday 1st February 2017
British Universities & Colleges Sport Midlands Division 1

Cambridge University 0

Oxford University 0
Referee:- Andy Phillips                                   Attendance:- 10
Admission:- F.O.C.                                         Programme:- NONE
What a miserable morning, grey leaden skies and heavy rain as John Main and I drove to Clare College Cambridge only to find that the match had been transferred to the cork 3G surface at Newmarket Town. Had this been The Varsity Rugby Union match, there would have been seventy-five thousand spectators at Twickenham, even The Varsity Football match between these two teams scheduled for Barnet FC on the morning of the Boat Race in March, will attract a couple of thousand! This was a tight contest between two evenly matched teams and what few chances came along, were squandered extravagantly and unforgivably with some woeful shooting. A draw was a fair result and a watery sun came out of the gloomy skies as we drove back in the afternoon!

Friday 3rd February 2017

Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur League 

Cup Final

Plains   3

Cambusnethan Talbot  1

Referee:-                                                    Attendance:- c600

Admission:- £3.00                                  Programme:- NONE

I flew up to Glasgow early on Friday morning on a cheap return flight and collected my hire car to drive to Dumbarton, once a scion of the shipbuilding industry. I circumnavigated Dumbarton Castle in the company of a very knowledgeable local twitcher and then popped into the football ground which is in the shadow of the castle rock. There is viewing on only one side and the locals would love to move away to somewhere more traditional for football watching!

In the evening, I visited The Excelsior Stadium for a local cup final. I am under impressed with Airdrieonians home as, not only has it got a plastic pitch, but it has singularly little atmosphere. There was plenty of atmosphere this evening, however, as the two local sides put on a good encounter, which Plains eventually won deservedly, but not without a mighty struggle from Talbot!

Saturday 4th February 2017

Ladbrokes Scottish Premier League 12.30pm k.o.

Motherwell  0

Carl McHugh s/o

Hearts  3

Alexandros Tziolis 78

Esmael Goncalves 84, 88,

Referee:- Andrew Dallas                               Attendance:- 4,651

Admission:- OMGDS£16.00 (£23)            Programme:- £3.00

This was my second visit to Fir Park on a rainswept morning and I met a musician from The Army who had decided on a whim to leave his warm bed in Henlow, in Bedfordshire, at 3.00am in the morning and to drive up to Scotland for, first of all, this match and then a quick ten minute drive across to Hamilton for a 3.00pm kick-off.

Hearts were today’s visitors and they seemed to have brought their own referee with them! It was goalless until the final fifteen minutes when the visitors scored three times, saw a home team player sent off and a blatant penalty ruled out for ‘Well!

Saturday 4th February 2017

Ladbrokes Scottish Championship 5.15pm k.o.

Dundee United  3

Thomas Mikkelson 45, 68,

Tony Andreu 48,

Raith Rovers  0

Referee:- Alan Muir                                          Attendance:- 5,232

Admission:- OMGDS£12.00 (£23)               Programme:- £2.50

It was some eighty miles from Motherwell to Dundee , but I was confident that I could make the journey in time and so it proved. Tannadice Park and Dens Park are so close, being but a street apart! This evening, it was the United half of Dundee that I had come to see.

Adjacent to Tannadice Park, you can see the floodlights of Dens Park at the bottom left of the photo.

Dundee United, recently demoted from the Scottish Premiership are locked in a battle with Hibernian to regain their Premiership place. At present, they are adrift of their rivals by some seven points.

This evening, they were far too good for their rivals, Raith Rovers. Quick goals either side of half-time and a third, some twenty minutes from time, saw them deservedly triumph and collect the spoils.

After the match I drove back to Glasgow. I was staying at The Victorian House Hotel, just off Sauchiehall Street (is that how you spell it?). It rained all night.

Sunday 5th February 2017

Ladbrokes Scottish Premier League

St Johnstone  2

Watson 31,

Boyata (go) 43,

Celtic  5

Henderson 6,

Dembele 61 (pen),75,85,

Sinclair 81,

Referee:- Craig Thomson                                     Attendance:- 6,458

Admission:- Hospitality                                     Programme:- incl. (£2.50)

Not only did it rain all last night, it teemed it down all this morning and all the way up to Perth in the car. I seriously wondered whether the match would survive, but it did.

My hospitality package included a car park pass.

I couldn’t get into hospitality because I wasn’t wearing a tie! Fortunately, next door, a very helpful official offered me the choice of tie from a box of left-overs and I was able, at last to make my way in! I had a small table all to myself (see above). There was a light brunch breakfast, soup at half-time and then after the match the main course was Perthshire lamb shoulder. The bar was free! Sadly, I couldn’t do it justice because I was driving!

A band played before the match

The match was fast and furious, but ultimately disappointing. The Perthshire side lead deservedly at half-time, by 2-1. A series of second half misfortunes for the hosts, saw them go down to ten men before not being awarded what appeared to be a stonewall penalty and then having a very soft penalty awarded against them!

However, it was the introduction of young Dembele after an hour which proved the real turning point. He scored three times to sink the hosts without trace and in the end, Celtic won at a canter. The standard of refereeing was underwhelming!

Brendan Rodgers, the Celtic manager and formerly of Liverpool, prowls the touchline during the match.

This is my hire car. a 1.4 Kia C’eed which had all the toys that my Honda has (sat-nav, reversing camera, reverse and forward warning alarms), but it lacked the power of the Civic! Really enjoyed its company and my six hundred or so miles driving in it this weekend!

Tuesday 7th February 2017
Midland League Division 1

Hinckley 2

Javia Roberts 9,

Ryan Paddock 78,

Stafford Town 1

Matthew Beedell 90+5
Referee:- Alec Cross                                        Attendance:- 121
Admission:- OMGDS£4.00 (£6.00)            Programme:- £1.50
Hinckley, after their fall from grace, are now playing at St John’s Park, home of Heather St Johns. A new team, ‘Leicester Road’ now play at The Marston Stadium in Hinckley (in the same division, but much higher than rivals, Hinckley). Tonight’s match was a rip roaring affair which was much closer than matters appeared on the field. The hosts struck the bar or post three times and squandered numerous other chances in taking a two goal lead. Right at the death, Stafford pulled one back, but the hosts deserved their victory and the points!

Wednesday 8th February 2017
Northants Senior (Hillier) Cup Semi-final

Corby Town 3

Andre Johnson 65, 70 (pen)

Guiseppe Iaciofano 89

Desborough Town 0
Referee:- Andrew Humphries Attendance:- 286
Admission:- OMGDS £3.00 (£6) Programme:- NONE
For three-quarters of this game you couldn’t have squeezed a cigarette paper between these two sides despite the two division gulf between NPL and UCL. Three goals in the final twenty-five minutes – all to the hosts – decided this tie and a meeting with either Kettering Town or Brackley Town in the final at Sixfields in April.

Saturday 11th February 2017

Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Division 1 North

Tadcaster Albion 2

Josh Greening 49,

Jono Greening 74,

Bamber Bridge 1

Michael Potts 12,

Referee:- Mark Haywood                     Attendance:- 239

Admission:- OMGDS £4.00 (£7)       Programme:- £1.50

It was a tad wet, in fact it was considerably more than a tad wet and had been so all weekend. Very few matches survived the weather, but Albion had installed underwater drainage to celebrate their promotion to The Evo-Stik Northern Premier League this season. This is a consolidation season for Tadcaster and they are well established in mid-table with Bridge but a few places higher. It was the visitors who bossed the first half and went into the interval leading by a solitary strike which in no way reflected their superiority. For some reason best known only to the management, they brought on two substitutes at half-time and the balance of the team was unduly affected. Taddy also upped their game and deservedly took the victory and the points in a pulsating encounter!

 Tuesday 14th February 2017
Sky-Bet EFL Championship

Reading 3

John Swift 22 

Danny Williams 77,

Roy Beerens 81,

Brentford 2

Jota 63,

Lasse Vibe 66,
Referee:- K. Stroud                                     Attendance:- 15,710
Admission:- Hospitality                           Programme:- included (£3)
The Madjeski Stadium is not the easiest football ground to get to and my grandson was travel sick on the way, as well! However, we were “Royally’ (sic) treated upon arrival even if we were an hour late. There was a knowledgeable and very friendly contingent of home supporters on our table including, no less, one of the host team’s scouts! The match was a cracker when it eventually opened up. The hosts led 1-0 at the interval, but could very easily have been two or three goals behind. In the second half, Brentford did stamp their superiority on the game and took a 2-1 lead, only for Jaap Stam to send for reinforcements by way of three substitutions at one go. This did the trick and very soon they had regained the lead. They held it to the end and claimed the points. However, if I were a Brentford fan, I would have felt very harshly done by. They deserved a draw at least!

Grandson, Freddie at The Madejski Stadium

The game was a special occasion to mark Jim’s 41st birthday!

Wednesday 15th February 2017
British Universities & Colleges Sport
Womens’ Conference Cup Quarter-final

Leicester University 5

Emma Aspinall 2,

Shauna Cossens 24,

Millie Cutler 55, 56, 66,

Loughborough University 2

Lucy Brown 6,

Maria Cienfuegos 37,
Referee:- John Carr                                           Attendance:- 17
Admission:- F.O.C.                                            Programme:- NONE
This was a close contest at The Manor Road Sports Ground, at least for the first half when the score was 2-2. Leicester, then, pulled away decisively in the second period and deservedly won the match and the right to travel to Birmingham or Cambridge for the semi-final. Hannah Watts, the host’s no-nonsense, swashbuckling midfielder was again the outstanding player on the park as she was three weeks ago at Girton College against Anglia Ruskin University. The rain came down like a monsoon and it was pretty cold, but these students served up a real treat!

Thursday 16th February 2017

Cottingham FC
The stand down the left hand side of the picture has gone and the moles have been active on the field! Cottingham joined The United Counties League in 1979/80 and promptly won the Division 2 title in their first season. The following season, the league was reduced to two divisions and Cottingham gained a creditable fifth place in Division 1. They were Division 1 champions in 1999/2000, but were never promoted to The Premier Division. Plenty of fine names have come and gone from the league during this period – Leighton Town, Milton Keynes Borough, Stevenage Borough, Towcester Town, Irthlingborough Diamonds, to name but a few! Sadly, 2003/04 was the last season that they played at Berryfield Road. The following season, they competed as Corby Cottingham, but then they folded and all that remains is what you see!

Friday 17th February 2017
Almary Green Anglian Combination Division 1

Aylsham 4

Stuart Boam,

Jack Mollicone (2)

Mark Gaskin

Scole United 4

David Coleman (3),

Ben Norton-Hugman
Referee:- Richard Gostling                          Attendance:- 114
Admission:- F.O.C.                                        Programme:- NONE
This is Aylsham’s first season at their spanking brand new ground and they are striding high at the top of their league as well. Tonight, however, for whatever reason, they were not at their best and with less than ten minutes remaining, found themselves 2-4 in arrears. A storming finale salvaged a point, with a penalty in added time, but it was hardly deserved! Lovely new ground, fine facilities for players and spectators, except that the only cover was a Meccano tin terrace which might hold twenty from the worst of any downfall!

The brothers, who play for Leicester Tigers, were born in Aylsham!

Saturday 18th February 2017
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 South

Sittingbourne 2

Jono Richardson 71

David Abe 78

Molesey 0
Referee:- Isaac Searle                           Attendance:- 100
Admission:- OMGDS£5.00 (£9)        Programme:- £2.00
Well, sat-nav brought us into the vicinity of the ground via a very rustic route which even had signs saying “unsuitable for motor vehicles”, posted all along the way! We never did see the town of Sittingbourne at all! The stadium was somewhat dilapidated and worn, with several interesting features! The welcome was warm and even team sheets were available! The match was a very slow burner and was positively soporific in the first half! Two goals in the final twenty minutes eventually brought the game to life, with the hosts just about deserving their success! We left by a different route!

 Monday 20th February 2017
Evo-Stik Southern League Premier Division

Cambridge City 0

Kings Lynn Town 0
Referee:- Anthony Pope (Braintree)                         Attendance:- 213
Admission:- OMGDS£5.00 (£10)                            Programme:- £2.00
Cambridge City are currently playing their home fixtures at Westwood Road, home of St Ives Town. Their woes continue as another High Court ruling sets back their move to Sawston and relegation is a very real threat. Kings Lynn are happily ensconced in mid-table and, quite frankly, this game was dire. As Peter Ford said: “it wasn’t just the worst game of this season …….”. Glad to get away at the end!

Tuesday 21st February 2017
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League
Premier Division

Desborough Town 0

Newport Pagnell Town 1

Stuart Smeathers 21,
Referee:- David Jarrett                                  Attendance:- 69
Admission:- £5.00                                         Programme:- £1.00
Ar Tarn were not at their best this evening and any casual visitor would have been hard pressed to believe that they occupy third place in the league whilst Newport Pagnell languish in the nether regions! It was a scrappy and, at times, ill-tempered game not helped by some weak refereeing, but it was good to meet up with all the Desborough faithful once again!

Wednesday 22nd February 2017
British Universities & Colleges Sport
Midland Division 3B

Warwick University Women 7 (seven)

Annie Begamovic 27, 81,

Madeleina Maria Te Mundo 43, 74,

Eloise Cresswell 61, 65, 76,
Oxford Brookes University Women 0
The heavy rain disappeared just before the start of the match and top of the table Warwick had little difficulty in disposing of fourth placed Oxford Brookes. The Warwick University playing fields are a very pleasant area on the outskirts of Coventry. With Graeme Askham and John Main.

February 22nd 2017
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League

Premier Division

Peterborough Northern Star 0

Peterborough Sports 0
Referee:- Trevor Basker Attendance:- 186
Admission:- £5.00 Programme:- £1.50
A second 0-0 draw in three days! If it’s 0-0 again tonight, said Peter Ford, I’m never coming to a match that you’re going to again!! These two city rivals stood toe to toe and slugged it out with chances few and far between, but surprisingly, only one yellow card was issued. It was a much better encounter than Monday evenings dreadful match at St Ives, but …………. there were no goals!

Saturday 25th February 2017
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 South

Molesey 0

Lewes 4

Jonte Smith 21, 67,

Callum Kealy 79,

Wilkfred Grimaud 89,

Referee:- M. Heavey                                       Attendance:- 101
Admission:- OMGDS£5.00 ((£10)              Programme:- £2.00
Another dip into the lower reaches of The Ryman League, but this was a pleasant surprise, for the ground was neat and well kept with a lovely stand adorning one side and cover on all the other sides – albeit somewhat primitive! Today, they were entertaining once proud Lewes who were relegated from the Premier Division at the end of last season. Molesey are flirting with the relegation places whilst Lewes need more points to support a play-off spot. The visitors rarely got out of second gear as they brushed aside a brittle home outfit, particularly in the second half which yielded three goals and especially after the hosts had striker Dre Grobler sent off with just over ten minutes to go for what appeared to be injudicious use of the elbow. Also there were John Main and Chris Berezai.

Monday 27th February 2017
Northants FA David Joyce U-18 Cup
Quarter Final

Desborough Town 0

Peterborough United 4

Anorea Bora 8,

Josh Davison 23, 54,

Frazer Garner 80,
Referee:- Wayne Bright                             Attendance:- 57
Admission:- £2.50                                     Programme:- NONE
Desborough Town are flying high this season, unbeaten in The Northants Senior Youth League and including an 8-1 thrashing of Corby Town. It was a different story this evening as cool, classy, cultured Posh took them apart with a team, some of whom are rumoured to be on full time contracts! Two goals in each half and it could have been more except for the brave goalkeeping of sixteen year old Carl Curtis. Ar Tarn were well beaten, but not disgraced!




Other matches this month:-

Monday 6th February 2017

Barclays U-23 Premier League 2

Leicester City  0  Southampton  2


Wednesday 15th February 2017

FA Youth Cup Quarter-Final

Leicester City 0 Chelsea 1


This season:-    Matches:- 176               New Grounds:- 85

Total:-                Matches:- 3,621           New Grounds:- 1,313

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January 2017

from ” The Goals of Bingo Boot”

In nineteen hundred and twenty-two

A little boy was born

His baby cot was second hand

His baby shawl was torn

He had no teeth or teddy bear

His hair was incomplete

But he was the possessor of

The most amazing feet.


When Bingo Boot was two years old

He chewed his little crust

His poor old Dad was on the dole

His poor old pram was bust.

Yet Bingo wasn’t worried

Though his baby feet would itch

And he could hardly wait till

He could stroll – out on the pitch


In school young Bingo languished

At the bottom of the class

His ball control was good

It was exams he couldn’t pass.

His little pals all shouted ‘Foul!’

And tended to agree

If only teachers tested feet

He’d get a Ph.D.

Allan Ahlberg (1937 – )




Monday 2nd January 2017
Sky-Bet EFL League 1

Coventry City 2

Bolton Wanderers 2
Referee:- Carl Boyeson                  Attendance:- 10,339
The Ricoh Arena is a seriously expensive place to watch a match! It cost £10 just to park the car, beer was £4.20 a pint and even a packet of salted peanuts cost £1.50. It just felt that the club was ripping off the paying customer in every way possible. Maybe part of the reason is that the ground is owned by London Rugby Union Club, Wasps, and they have imported London prices with them!!! The Sky Blues posted their highest crowd of the season for this match and very nearly did maximum damage to promotion contenders, Bolton Wanderers, twice taking the lead and only being pegged back in the second minute of added time at the end of the match! The programme is headed PUSB and I had to ask!!! It stands for “Play Up Sky Blues”! Will I be returning? Not in the near future! I was very glad to get a phone call from Graeme at the end of the match to let me know that the evening game at Hook Norton had been called off due to a frozen surface!






Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Northern Counties East League Division 1

Teversal 1

Ollerton Town 1
Referee:- Christopher Darling                      Attendance:- 127
Admission:- OMGDS £3.50 (£5)                 Programme:- £1.00
On a bitterly cold night when the wind cut like a knife,The Teversal Grange Sports & Leisure Centre is not the most appealing arena. However, the welcome could not have been more warm and helpful. Programmes (past and present) and team-sheets were readily supplied and even the attendance was given early in the second half. However, this was not the best of matches from two teams at the wrong end of the lower division of The NCEL. All the action came in the final twelve minutes with a goal and a sending off to each side. Neither side deserved to garner a victory! Behind the far goal were a couple of covered standing areas clearly marked: “Tesco Trolley Park”!





Wednesday 4th January 2017
Premier League U-23 Cup

Leicester City 0

Brighton & Hove Albion 1
Referee:- Wayne Barrett                           Attendance:- 68
Admission F.O.C.                                       Teamsheet available
This match was played at The St George’s Park National Football Centre on Pitch 6. Pitch 8 was named ‘Alan Shearer’ and pitch 9 was ‘Michael Owen’, but pitch six with its grandstand outshone them both, but had no name! The site is huge with a hotel complex and even an outward bound facility. Leicester City, the hosts, were, as usual, welcoming and helpful and provided team sheets. There was a mobile stall with tea, coffee and snacks run by an enterprising pair of young ladies and excellent viewing from seating all along one side (see photos). The match, itself, was nothing to write home about. I liked the look of Leicester’s £7 million Polish winger, Bartosz Kapustka, who was a step above the rest, but he couldn’t help his team avoid defeat against a competent Seagulls who had right back, George Cox, as the pick of their team!




Pitch 6 looking towards the stand


The enterprising young ladies with their tea/coffee stall




Treating the pitch to ultra violet heat?


The hotel complex


Saturday 7th January 2017
Emirates FA Cup 3rd Round

West Bromwich Albion 1

Derby County 2
Referee:- Jonathan Moss                         Attendance:- 25,288
Admission:- OMGDS£10 (£15)              Programme:- £3.50
On a dank, slightly misty and drizzly day, the FA Cup served up one of its traditional upsets. My grandson, Freddie, accompanied Graeme and me to The Hawthorns and for the first half, it seemed to be developing into a fairly regulation home victory against lower league opposition! A goal down at half-time, but the Championship side turned over the deficit within ten minutes of the second half commencing, and for all the rampaging of giant striker, Salomon Rondon, it was the clever work done by Tom Ince that was the foundation of Derby’s victory. It was only my third visit to the ground, but I have yet to see The Baggies win there!



Freddie Arthur McGeown, grandson of the author!




The visitors wore a rather fetching aquamarine outfit!


Tuesday 10th January 2017
Evo-Stik Southern League Division 1 South & West

Mangotsfield United 0

Hereford 1
Referee:- Scott Jackson (Taunton)                        Attendance:- 602
Admission:- OMGDS£5 (£8)                                  Programme:- £2
Last November, we were sitting in the bar at Cossham Street, when this match was called off less than an hour before kick-off. Tonight, the Hereford hordes again descended and made plenty of noise, but little difference to a fairly turgid match in which the only bright spell was the beautifully crafted free kick from outside the area on 23 minutes, from which the visitors won the match. The moment was captured by Posh Girl from Hereford and can be seen on Facebook at “Hereford Goals”. John Main did the driving and we were both frustrated to find the M4 closed after the match! It was after midnight when I got home!







Wednesday 11th January 2017
The Smedley Crooke Memorial Charity Cup 2nd Round

Coton Green 2  

Bilston Town Community 2

No extra time. Coton Green won 3-2 on penalties
Referee:- Alan Buchanan                        Attendance:- 48
Admission:- £3.00                                   Programme:- NONE
I could see the floodlights, but the narrow entry initially eluded me! This is a very basic ground with hard standing (just about) all around the pitch and a substantial rail with boarding on three sides. The only cover is provided by a terrace on the far side. Excellent changing rooms and club house facilities and very helpful and friendly staff. The match was a second attempt after an earlier match, at the end of last year, was abandoned because the pitch became frozen! Bilston, of The WRML triumphed over their Midland League rivals after a penalty shoot out where four of the nine penalties taken, failed to score!







Tuesday 17th January 2017
Midland League Premier Division

Loughborough University 0

Sporting Khalsa 1
Referee:- Andrew Ellis                                  Attendance:- 75
Admission:- OMGDS£2.00 (£5.00)          Programme:- £1.00
It is hard to believe that this stadium won Groundtastic’s “New Stadium of The Year” in 2012. I seem to have been coming here for much longer than that! It is a lovely arena, warm inside, good viewing, good refreshments and teams prominently displayed before the start. Sadly, tonight we were treated to a very UN-sporting display by the visitors, who, decidedly, did not live up to their name!. They scored the only goal straight from a corner midway through the second half, but their petulant, bad-tempered, mouthy, arrogance, detracted severely from the ambience of the occasion.






Saturday 21st January 2017
Pete’s Patisserie Sheffield County Senior League Premier Division

Denaby United 5

Denaby Main 2
Referee:-Stephen Granger Linesmen:-Natasha Wilson, Craig Holland Attendance:- 53         Admission:- F.O.C.           Programme:- £1.00
Denaby United have a proud history, competing in The Midland League during its heyday and fighting through to FA Cup battles with several league clubs. In 2002 their existence ended when they were ejected from their home ground and it wasn’t until nine long years later that the club re-appeared playing in the Doncaster Senior League. They lost their ground again, this time at Conisbrough when the FA deemed that their toiletting facilities were not adequate, but they hope to return for next season. Meanwhile, today’s visitors have taken over at their previous, but now derelict stadium and whilst both clubs have advanced two divisions of The Sheffield County League in the past two seasons, they now sit together at the foot of The Premier Division. United deservedly won this encounter whilst only playing with occasional flashes of the ability they possessed. They were three up in twenty-five minutes and could easily have reached double figures. Nonetheless, it was a welcome victory and may keep them in The Premier Division.

One of the Denaby Main players enjoying a half-time smoke!

The officials team; Referee Stephen Grainger flanked by Craig Holland (left) and Natasha Wilson

Tuesday 24th January 2017
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League Cup

Desborough Town 5

Wellingborough Whitworth 1
Referee:- Vincenzo Byatt (Peterborough)                 Attendance:- 63
Admission:- £5.00                                                 Programme:- £1.00
With matches falling to the weather all round the country like leaves in Autumn, I was happy to find that my favourite UCL team were at home this evening. It was good, too, to see John Main (after an abortive trip to Biggleswade!) and Jack Warner. There is an olde worlde atmosphere about The Waterworks Field. It is a real old fashioned ground and one of the best in the league. This evening, they entertained Whitworth from one division below them and after a quiet first half when it seemed that Ar Tarn made but two forays into their opponents half and scored each time, the second half heated up with the dismissal for a pretty awful tackle, of a Whitworth defender. Thereafter, Ar Tarn were on top and deservedly took the tie. Good to see a former pupil excelling at right back for the hosts!

Wednesday 25th January 2017
British Universities & Colleges Midland 3A

Anglia Ruskin University Ladies 1

Leicester University 6
Referee:- Spencer Warburton                                 Attendance:- 12
Admission:- F.O.C.                                             Programme:- NONE
On a bitterly cold and misty afternoon, John Main and I were surprised that this match went ahead, especially as the men’s fixture on an adjoining pitch was called off just a couple of minutes before kick-off, allegedly because a section of the pitch was frozen! This pitch, at The Girton Recreation Centre in Cambridge, was in perfect condition and despite the seeping cold the ladies served up an entertaining fare. Millie Cutler scored four goals for Leicester, who were by far the superior team, but player of the match was the Leicester midfield dynamo Hannah Watts (pictured below, about to pass the ball).

Player of the match, Hannah Watts, about to play the ball.

Saturday 28th January 2017
Sky Bet League One

Gillingham 1

Deji Oshilaja 44

Shrewsbury Town 1

Alex Rodman 63
Referee:- Trevor Kettle                             Attendance:- 5,316
Admission:- Corporate Hospitality        Programme:- F.O.C.
The annual football jaunt, this year took sixteen of us to Gillingham Football Club and hospitality in the boardroom. Every year our party visits a different football club. This season it was Gillingham. The (MEMS) Priestfield Stadium is somewhat cramped and hemmed in by the surrounding housing, but the welcome was warm and cordial and the meal was excellent! Sadly, the same could not be said for the match which flattered to deceive and ended up with honours even and a goal apiece. It was, nonetheless, a very enjoyable occasion!

I was impressed with the arrangements for our visit and not least, the fact that we had access to the boardroom for our meal and refreshments. This was all arranged by James Knott, at Gillingham FC, but it was only late in the day when he imparted the little gem that we would all need to wear ties!!! Some of us had to really dig deep to find a suitable facsimile!

We had been worried in the week leading up to the match. On the previous Tuesday, Gillingham’s match against AFC Wimbledon at Priestfield, had been called off and, I gather, the covers had remained on the pitch for two weeks. On the way down on the train (first of all, to London St Pancras and then to Gillingham), the weather was increasingly pleasant with blue skies and sunshine – although it did cloud over later on.

There is a little bar downstairs at The Priestfield Stadium, full of nooks and crannies and with screens showing Liverpool Reserves inept performance against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield in the 4th Round of the FA Cup. Then it was time to climb to the third floor and enter the boardroom.

Young Freddie was a last minute addition to the party, but I think he enjoyed his day and I was impressed and grateful that the catering staff found him something suitable for his meal!

We had excellent seats for the match, right at the back of the stand, on the half-way line and wonderfully padded for increased comfort.

Jonny Crane

My grandson, Freddie Arthur McGeown

from left:- Aman Singh, Liam McGeown, Jim McGeown, Rory Clark, Jonny Crane and Mike McGeown

from left:- Jack Warner, Chris Berezai, John Main, Graeme Askham

from left:- Mike McGeown, Aman Singh, Freddie McGeown, Gary Miller




This season:-     Matches:- 156             New Grounds:- 79

TOTAL:-             Matches:- 3,602         New Grounds:- 1,306




Other matches in January 2017:-

Wednesday 18th January 2017

Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division

Corby Town 1 Coalville Town 2                         Attendance:- 454

Thursday 26th January 2017 

Northants Senior Youth League David Joyce Cup 2nd Round

Rushden & Higham United 1 Desborough Town 6        Attendance:- 41

Friday 27th January 2017

Emirates FA Cup 4th Round

Derby County 2 Leicester City 2                          Attendance:- 25,079

Monday 30th January 2017

Barclays U-23 Premier League 2

Leicester City 3 Manchester City 3                    Attendance:- 613

Tuesday 31st January 2017

East Midlands Counties League Cup Quarter-final

Aylestone Park   P    Radford   P     ***

*** This match was declared “OFF” after we had paid our entrance and bought programmes. Apparently, it was not the pitch, which was perfectly playable, despite the heavy rain, but that Radford only had six players available for the match!

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December 2016

The fans in the stand are silent

You could hear the fall of a pin

For the fabulous game just ended

And the tale that’s about to begin.


From “The Goals of Billy Boot” by Allan Ahlberg (1937 – )


Saturday 3rd December 2016
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 North

Brightlingsea Regent 3

Phoenix Sports 4
Referee:- Abigail Marriott              Attendance:- 114
Admission:- OMGDS:- £5.00 (£8.00)
Programme:- £2.00
The ground may not be much to look at but today’s match was a cracker! Brighlingsea scored the first and last goals of the first half, but in between, they conceded four! Phoenix, from mid-table in the division, were the dominant side against opponents only one point off the top of the table. In the second half, the hosts competed more effectively as both sides slugged it out toe to toe. They scored and missed a penalty and perhaps should have gained a point, but it was not to be! Number seventeen appeared on the field in the second half. He was not a substitute, but first half damage to his shorts meant a complete change of kit at half-time! Very competent woman referee in a boisterous match!











Sunday 4th December 2016
The Emirates FA Cup 2nd Round

Notts County 2

Peterborough United 2
Referee:- Ben Toner                  Attendance:- 3,940
Admission:- OMGDS £12.00 (£17.00)
Programme:- £3.00                  Cornish Pastie:- £2.70
We weren’t the only three generation family at Meadow Lane this afternoon as grandson, Freddie enjoyed, not only the match but also the train ride to Nottingham and back! It was very cold, but the opening display by the visitors when they took a two goal lead in the first fifteen minutes, suggested that this match might be embarrassing for the hosts. They clawed themselves back into the match with a goal two minutes from half-time and then enjoyed a huge slice of luck when a Peterborough player was dismissed for lashing out when he was plainly being held back by his shirt. The home offender received NO penalty! The second half belonged to County, but it took until the second minute of added time before they could craft an effective strike, but it was enough to put them into the pot for the next round!








Young Freddie, training to be a nerd like his grand-dad Ed!


Taken with Mike’s mobile telephone camera, this shows a panoramic view of Meadow Lane!



Wednesday 7th December 2016
The Buildbase FA Vase 3rd Round Replay

Sleaford Town 0

Sporting Khalsa 3
Referee:- Scott Robertson                        Attendance:- 110
Admission:- £7.00                                    Programme:- £1.00
Eslamore Park is a fairly recent build and is pretty basic. There is a Meccano covered terrace behind one goal and down the far side is a Meccano seated stand for perhaps seventy or eighty spectators. Excellent club, very friendly officials, but on the night, they were no match for the opposition who won at a reasonable canter and never allowed the hosts a clear sight on goal. Perhaps a game to remember Jeremy Biggs by. His funeral (aged only 55) was on Monday and The UCL press officer will long be remembered as a gentleman of football!












Jeremy Biggs 1961-2016

Very sad to hear of the passing of Jeremy Biggs, whom I often met on The UCL circuit. He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) drive and all the games he went to, he had a lift! He was the fixtures secretary and publicity officer for The UCL and what he didn’t know about the league and its clubs wasn’t worth knowing! Lovely man!

Friday 9th December 2016
Abacus Lighting Central Midlands League
Black Dragon North Division

Collingham 1

Newark Town 2
Referee:- Jack Forder Official Attendance:- 265
Admission:- £3.00 Programme:- £1.00
This was my seventh visit to Station Road, but my first with Collingham as hosts. They groundshare with tonight’s opponents, Newark Town. Much has happened since my last visit in 2012. You can no longer access the ground via Station Road, but must park in the brand new Co-op Supermarket. The club house has been extended to include a new downstairs bar and an all weather 5-aside pitch has been built behind the stand. For all that there is precious little cover and hardstanding down one side of the ground only! The hosts were the lower ranked of the two sides and despite opening brightly and dominating for long periods – and scoring the opening goal after an hour – they succumbed to a couple of late strikes to the visitors who also had a defender sent off with some ten minutes to go.









Saturday 10th December 2012
English Schools Football Association
Premier League National Tournament

Admission:- F.O.C. Programme:- Free
There were eight teams from all over the Midlands for this girls U-11 tournament (which followed a similar tournament for the boys, this morning). I was only there as a driver for the minibus taking one of the teams to the tournament! It was my first visit to West Bromwich Albion’s Training facility, just down the road from The Hawthorns and I was pretty impressed. There was one full sized indoor pitch and one full sized outdoor pitch, both 3G. There was some pretty impressive football played, especially by the winning team from Telford. Not too sure about the format. Nine aside seemed to many at this age and half a full sized pitch with full sized goals seemed to overpower the players. For many of them, also, it was their first taste of offside! They all enjoyed it, however, even my team, who eventually finished at the bottom of the pile!









Monday 12th December 2016
Lancashire FA Trophy Quarter-Final

Daisy Hill 1

Chorley 5
Referee:- Paul Marsden Attendance:- 175
Admission:- OMGDS£3.50 (£7.00) Programme:- £1.00
Daisy Hill may sound idyllic but the reality is anything but! From the gaping, water-filled holes in the car-park to the bleak aspect from the club house and stand behind the goal, the whole place reeked of genteel poverty. The welcome, however was warm and spontaneous and the locals were plainly proud to be entertaining the lords of the manor. Excellent meat pies at £1.50 were a bargain and despite the persistent drizzle and a heavy pitch, the game was pretty good, too, with the visitors falling a goal behind, only to storm back with five of their own!. John Main and I enjoyed our visit to this gentle backwater of Lancashire!










Saturday 17th December 2016
Barclays U-18 Professional Development League

West Bromwich Albion 2

Manchester United 3
Referee:- Richard Gardner Attendance:- 110
Admission:- F.O.C. Programme:- NONE
The conspiracy of secrecy which seems to hang around West Bromwich Albion’s training ground meant that not only was it hard to find (there wasn’t even a sign at the entrance), but team sheets were not available and most of our information was gleaned from parents attending.Which was a pity, because this was an excellent match with some definite stars of the future. United at the top of the league, just about shaded it over their basement rivals, but both teams contributed to a very entertaining encounter!

Stars to watch for the future – Ethan Hamilton, Angel Gomes and Tahith Chong (Manchester United) and Ronan Tulloch and Rhese Nani for west Bromwich Albion.


Sunday 18th December 2016
(Leicestershire) Alliance Football League

North Kilworth Sunday 11 (eleven)
Queniborough Park Rangers 5
Referee:- Graham Freer Attendance:- 7
Admission:- F.O.C. Programme:- NONE
This was not a match to wake up to from a nightmare! On a cold Sunday morning with heavy dew damping the surface, these two Titans came clattering out of the holding pens like crazed bulls! Except that it wasn’t quite like that. The home side started with nine men who had obviously quaffed well last night and the visitors looked pretty effective early on – that is until reinforcements turned up for the hosts, who then ran in four first half goals with only a single reply . The home custodian was exchanged at half time for a slip of a lad who picked the ball out of his net twice in the first ten minutes of the second half, but the hosts then ran in seven goals with five from striker Tendai, which was hardly surprising as they were in second place in the league table whilst the visitors were a long way adrift at the bottom. It was good fun, but I doubt if I shall essay forth into these quirky depths for some considerable time.







Tuesday 20th December 2016
West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division

Haughmond 3

Shifnal Town 2
Referee:- Mark Groves Attendance:- 86
Admission:- £3.00 Programme:- £1.00
Haughmond play at The Shrewsbury Sports Village but their football stadium is enclosed by a wire mesh and matches can be viewed for free. With this arena, they have probably reached the pinnacle of their progress. They bestride the West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division like a colossus, but tonight, they were nearly undone by a battling Shifnal side who fought for every ball and rattled the league leaders with two first half goals. It took a stern examination of the Haughmond credentials to ensure that they scored the required three goals to ensure victory, but Shifnal being reduced to ten men with a sending off in the 70th minute, probably helped!






Wednesday 21st December 2016
Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division

Barwell 2

Stafford Rangers 1
Referee:- Richard Price Attendance:- 309
Admission:- OMGDS£6.00 (£10.00) Programme:- £2.00
It is the pantomime season and these two teams took to it with a relish. The hosts were garbed in pea green shirts and shorts and yellow socks, whilst the visitors had orange shirts with grey shorts and socks. The referee joined in, too, issuing eleven yellow cards in a match that was hard fought, but never dirty. There were quite a few supporters from Stafford and several hoppers!





Thursday 22nd December 2016
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League
Premier Division

Peterborough Sports 3

Yaxley 1
Referee:- Oliver Mackey Attendance:- 165
Admission:- OMGDS£3.00 (£6.00) Programme:- £1.00
Table topping and ambitious Sports, comfortably saw off the challenge of mid-table rivals, Yaxley, but it was well into the second half before they made the game safe. They have ambitions to move to a higher grade of football, but there will need to be substantial development before that can be achieved. They have accomplished a great deal in a short space of time, but the next step will be quite a challenge!

I can remember playing cricket on the site more than twenty-five years ago when Peterborough Central were the hosts!






Saturday 24th December 2016
Uhlsport Hellenic League
Division II East

Stokenchurch 4

Henley Town Reserves 1
Referee:- Steve Anderson Attendance:- 90
Admission:- F.O.C. Programme:- £2.00
With so few games on Christmas Eve, this match attracted a lot of attention from fellow hoppers who made up the vast majority of the healthy crowd. It was a blustery and cold afternoon and I was glad that I had fortified myself with fish and chips at and a couple of fine pints at The Kings Hotel in the village. Last season’s champions of Division II East, Stokenchurch are seriously off the pace this season, but even so, they were more than a match for bottom of the table Henley Town. Striker Steve Park netted all four home goals!






Monday 26th December 2016
Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division 1

Ruardean Hill Rangers 0

Harrow Hill 0
Referee:- Paul Miles Attendance:- 255
Admission:- F.O.C. Programme:- £2.00
There was a fine crowd for this holiday match between rivals who are literally but five minutes apart by car! Ruardeen Hill is the highest point in The Forest of Dean at some 950 feet and it felt like it this morning in a stiff breeze but plenty of sunshine. The hosts are top of the league, looking to progress next season (and building for it!), unbeaten in the league (but they lost to today’s visitors in the cup!). Harrow Hill on the other hand are enduring an indifferent season, but if there is anything to improve your self image, it is a good performance against your neighbours and rivals! They played well and deserved the point. Ruardean played poorly and were lucky to gain theirs! It was not the best of matches and indifferent refereeing, did little to help matters!





Boxing Day 26th December 2016
Vanarama National League South

Bath City 1

Hungerford Town 1
Referee:- S. Yianni Attendance:- 798
Admission:- OMGDS£10.00 (£13.00) Programme:- £2.50
Lovely ground is Twerton Park, one of the classic, old fashioned grounds that you don’t see so many of these days. There was a good holiday crowd as well – more than was announced at the end, we thought! These two sides are becalmed in mid-table mediocrity and for an hour, it showed, and we believed a second 0-0 draw for the day was on the cards. A shuffling of the pack by both sides through the adroit use of substitutes, enlivened the final twenty minutes and produced two goals! The return fixture is as early as next Saturday. Would I really want to see it all over again?








Friday 30th December 2016
Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division

Corby Town 0

Halesowen Town 0
Referee:- Matthew Smith Attendance:- 413
Admission:- OMGDS£8.00 (£12.00) Programme:- £2.50
This season:- Matches:- 138 New grounds:- 71
Considering The Steelmen had lost the last eight in a row, this was a very solid performance from the hosts and it was difficult to see how they had got into such dire straits! In a game of few chances, the visitors hit the bar twice and had a goal disallowed for off-side, but the hosts gave as good as they got in a very even game and honours even was definitely the fairest of results.





Saturday 31st December 2016
Uhlsport Hellenic League Division 1 West

Purton 3

Fairford Town 5
Referee:- Alan Overthrow Attendance:- 98
Admission (by collection):- £3.00 Programme:- NONE
This ground was definitely one step (and one division) up from Stokenchurch where I visited on Christmas Eve. There was a railing around the pitch, permanent dug-outs and hard standing down one side – with a steep incline to the pitch offering good viewing! Fairford Town have spent several years in the doldrums since their semi-voluntary demotion to Division 1 West, but now they are on the way back. They brought good support with them and lie, handily, in second place with games in hand. The hosts are sixth in the division, but they threw this game away in an error strewn first half when they conceded four goals. They were far better in the second half, but never good enough to affect the result! Purton usually provide programmes, but there were none today! There was no badge, motif or emblem of the club apparent anywhere around the stadium (or on players kit)!




Saturday 31st December 2016
Uhlsport Hellenic League Premier Division

Royal Wootton Bassett Town 1

Lydney Town 3
Referee:- Liam Beames Attendance:- 95
Admission:- OMGDS£3.00 (£6.00) Programme:- £1.50
This was a first visit to Wootton Basset’s new stadium, The Gerard Buxton Ground, outside of the town itself. It is very functional and a little bleak, but the playing surface is lovely and there is an excellent club house and an even more excellent (is’t possible?) programme.It was a pity the home side were not at the races, but they claimed a sickness bug had decimated their squadrons (they only had two substitutes). Lydney took full advantage and were good value for their victory.







Other matches in December:-

Thursday 1st December Northants Senior Youth League

Jaymann Cup Group A

Bugbrooke St Michaels 1 Desborough Town 4    Attendance:- 33

Thursday 13th December Midland League Premier Division

Loughborough University 1 Westfields 1   Attendance:- 82

Wednesday 14th December FA Youth Cup 3rd Round

Leicester City  3  Leyton Orient  1    Attendance:- 490

Friday 16th December Premier U-23 Development Cup Group

Leicester City  2  Nottingham Forest  2      Attendance:- 101



This season –  Matches:- 140        New Grounds:-  73

TOTAL –          Matches:- 3,586    New Grounds:- 1,301

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November 2016

In honour of my first visit to Larkhall Athletic, and in remembrance of fallen soldiers from The Great War, I re-produce this poem was which part of the official programme for their match against AFC Totton (see below).

The Lark

From Wrath-red dawn to wrath-red dawn

The guns have brayed without abate;

And now the sick sun looks upon

The bleared blood-boltered fields of hate

As if it loathed to rise again

How strange the hush! Yet sudden, hark!

From yon down-trodden gold of grain,

The leaping rapture of a lark



A fusillade of melody

That sprays us from yon trench of sky;

A new amazing enemy

We cannot silence though we try;

A battery on radiant wings,

That from yon gap of golden fleece

Hurls at us hopes of such strange things

As joy and home and love and peace.



Pure heart of song! do you not know

That we are making earth a hell?

Or is it that you try to show

Life still is joy and all is well?

Brave little wings! Ah, not in vain

You beat into that bit of blue;

Lo! we who paint in war’s red rain

Lift shining eyes, see heaven too.

by Robert Service (1874 – 1958)



Wednesday 2nd November 2016
West Midlands (Regional) League
Premier Division

Wellington Amateurs 2  Wolverhampton Casuals 3
Referee:- Jami Howe Attendance:- 57
Admission:- £4.00 Programme:- £1.00
A converted Nissan hut served as a bar and rest room and the players changed in two adapted haulage containers. On one side of the pitch there was a small seated stand for, perhaps, fifty spectators and opposite a covered terraced area towards the left hand goal. The match started late because the visitors had forgotten to bring their playing kit with them. They looked the bigger, stronger side, but The Amateurs made up in skill for their lack of weight. Casuals opened the scoring in the first half and it took The Amateurs until the 71st minute to regain parity. A minute later they were behind again, but once again equalised in the 85th minute, only to subside to a goal in the very last minute of the match!





Saturday 5th November 2016
Abacus Lighting Central Midlands League
Black Dragon North Division

Tideswell United 1 FC Bolsover 3
Referee:- Ibrahim Arsali Attendance:- 31
Admission:- £2.00 Programme:- £1.00
Both of these clubs are new to the league this season, but while FC Bolsover are comprised mainly of the championship winning team from last season at Glapwell (who folded in the summer), Tideswell, whose village is known as ‘The Cathedral of The Peaks’ have risen from The Hope Valley League. They have a neat little ground with cover and seating for around fifty spectators on the far side of the pitch, paved hardstanding around three sides of the ground and a small, but busy clubhouse where various beverages were available with free biscuits! FC Bolsover, who hope to return to the town next season (they are presently playing on a 3G surface inside a cage in Shirebrook), presently sit at the top of the league, whilst Tideswell are mid-table. The result went to form, with the visitors comfortably capturing the victory and the points.







Sunday 6th November 2016
The Emirates FA Cup 1st Round

St Albans City 3 Carlisle United 5
Referee:- Simon Hooper Attendance:- 3,473
Admission:- (seated) £17.00 Programme:- £3.00
This season – Matches:- 102 New Grounds:- 54
It was good to see Clarence Park rocking to the rafters, even if the rain seeped into every frozen pore! Dapper Keith Curle, the Carlisle manager, looked fit enough to play, but even he was stunned when The Saints took a fourth minute lead.Junior Morias scored again just after the hour mark, but this time it was to restore parity at 2-2. Three goals in the next fifteen minutes sealed the fate of tiring St Albans, but, plucky to the last, they had the final laugh with a goal in the 87th minute!









Wednesday 9th november 2016
Almary Green Anglian Combination
1st Division

Mundford 1 Attleborough Town 3
Referee:- Fusheng Qiao Attendance:- 126
Admission:- F.O.C. Programme:- NONE
It may be the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, but this evening it was cold, wet and decidedly ‘dank’.This was a local derby between two teams who had been promoted from Division 2 only last season (Mundford taking top spot after Attleborough squandered a ten point advantage!).There were so many floodlights around that it was only by a process of elimination that we arrived at the correct football pitch, all railed off but with no hard standing and a covered terrace which could hold, maybe fifty spectators. I was very impressed with the welcome and the help from club officials, but then, the visitors and their impressive striker, Stevie Wright (who notched two of the goals), deservedly took the victory and the points. Stevie Wright has an older brother who plays for Cheltenham Town (he played in the 1-0 defeat of Bolton Wanderers last night), and an even older brother who was running the line this evening!
Apologies for the quality of the photographs!





Friday 11th November 2016
Abacus Lighting Central Midlands League
Black Dragon South

Southwell City 0 Linby Colliery 4
Referee:- Wayne Brown Attendance:- 42
Admission:- £1 Programme:- £2.00
It is a lovely setting at Southwell, even in the dark. In the shadow of the cathedral and adjoined by a meandering stream with a pleasant and welcoming club house and officials who are only too pleased to help, but you wonder how they qualified for step seven status. The pitch is just that, not even a fence around it (I seem to recall a rope on previous visits), and there is very little hard standing beyond the apron of the clubhouse. Neither of these teams have set the league alight this season, but it was the visitors from eleven miles down the road who were demonstrably the better side and deserved their emphatic victory!




Saturday 12th November 2016
The Buildbase FA Vase 2nd Round

Wolverhampton Casuals   1   Nuneaton Griff   2
Referee:- Jason Roberts Attendance:- 66
Admission:- £5.00 Programme:- £1.00
TWO Sausage ‘baps’ and a cup of tea:- £3.00
This was a first visit and a pleasant afternoon in watery sunshine, a referee particularly small in stature and a couple of very committed Midlands rivals! The Brinsford Stadium is just off the M54, has one small stand with seating for perhaps fifty souls and a motley collection of huts housing changing rooms, bar, tea hut, and boardroom. Griff play in the Midland League Division 1, whilst their rivals grace The WMRL Premier division. It was a close fought contest, but Griff deservedly edged it.






Sunday 13th November 2016
Sky-Bet EFL League One

Peterborough United 1 Bolton Wanderers 0
Referee:- J. Simpson                  Attendance:- 4,780
Admission:- OMGDS £25.00 (£35.00)     Programme:- £3.00
I went with my middle son and grandson for a rare visit to London Road (now sadly dubbed “The ABAX Stadium”) and sadly, endured a pretty poor fare. The Posh deserved the victory if only for the stunning strike by full-back Michael Smith in the 27th minute, but The Trotters should have pulled things round in the second half after an aimless opening session! Good to see umpiring colleague, Danny Crowson, there!



Dad Mike, and son, Freddie at London Road. A spot of hospitality at this match meant a substantial ‘brunch’ was available prior to the early kick-off.



This was young Freddie’s thirty-seventh football match at nine different grounds!

Tuesday 15th November 2016
Integro Northern Premier League Cup 1st Round

Ossett Town 0 Scarborough Athletic 1
Referee:- M. Ashforth            Official Attendance:- 100
Admission:- OMGDS £3.50 (£7.00) Programme:- £2.00
Somehow, John Main and I missed out on the major rush hour traffic (but not the roadworks) and we arrived in Ossett in more than good time for the match! Splendid little ground with cover on three of the four sides and ample seating … but all behind one goal! Both these teams are in contention for promotion this season, but it was the stronger away team who snatched the victory with a goal midway through the first half from substitute Jake Ellam who expertly headed the ball over his own goalkeeper and into the net!






Wednesday 16th November 2016
Emirates FA Cup 1st Round Replay

Brackley Town 4 Gillingham 3 aet.
Referee:- Robert Jones                   Attendance:- 1,654
Admission:- OMGDS £8.00 (£14.00)
Programme:- £2.00
A famous victory for the highest placed non-league team in Northamptonshire. They squandered a two goal lead and re-established it in extra time and when Gillingham reduced the arrears yet again, they held out for deserved victory.I hadn’t been to this particular St James’ Park for eight years and in that time substantial changes had considerably improved the stadium. It was a pity that in a game of such swashbuckling piracy, that there wasn’t more atmosphere – even the home players pleaded for more support! Only 93 supporters from Kent …. but they had their own police protection!









Friday 18th November 2016
Suffolk FA Senior Cup 3rd Round

Framlingham Town 0 Woodbridge Town 2
Referee:- Bradley Mingay          Official Attendance:- 158
Admission:- £4.00                      Programme:- £1.00
A long drive into deepest darkest Suffolk and a surprisingly pleasant reception at a club that is enjoying its first season in The Thurlow-Nunn Eastern Counties League. They were promoted from the Ipswich & Suffolk League where they finished fifth in the top division last season. The ground is a work in progress. There is a good stand with seats for around sixty or seventy spectators and new turnstiles and hard standing have been installed. There remains the fencing around the ground and behind the stand. However, I applaud the ambition of this small club who boasted an impressive attendance this evening! In three meetings this season, this was the first victory for Woodbridge, who, earlier in the season suffered a home defeat in the league to this evening’s hosts. Good to see Daniel BT Turner there, celebrating his one hundredth ground!!!!






Saturday 19th November 2016
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 South

Herne Bay 1 Walton Casuals 1
Referee:- John Pike                             Attendance:- 192
Admission:- OMGDS£5.00 (£9.00) programme:- £2.00
It might have been 2,675 miles to The North Pole, but to Chris and John and me it felt a mighty lot closer! The Altira Park Stadium is a neat, yet quaint arena with cover on all four sides and a club house and shop down the near side. Team sheets were posted and the tea shop did brisk business. Neither of these two teams are pulling up trees in Division 1 South of The Isthmian League, but the hosts were on a five game winning streak. The game had nil-nil written all over it until goals were exchanged over a four minute period midway through the second half. Thereafter – as before – you could not have drawn the proverbial cigarette paper between the two sides!











Chris Berezai and John Main

Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Evo-Stik Southern League
Division 1 South & West

Larkhall Athletic 0 AFC Totton 0
Referee:- Rob Cockle                          Attendance:- 95
Admission:- OMGDS £5.00 (£8.00)     Programme:- £1.50
‘Plain Ham’ is the unusual name for Larkhall’s stadium and a dark November evening hardly did it justice. It lies high on a hill like a table mountain and there is a steep drop to pitch side from one side. There is cover on three sides of the pitch although behind the far goal, the stand is so tiny, it rivals the one at Esh Winning as the smallest in the country! Tonight’s visitors were smarting from a first defeat under new management. They presently lie third from bottom of the table whilst The Larks are happily ensconced at the half-way mark. This was a dour encounter. The visiting team had clearly been set up not to lose and there was precious little that The Larks could do about it. Very enjoyable visit with John Main and a very friendly reception!








Saturday 26th November 2016
Nottinghamshire Senior League Premier Division

Bilborough Town   3    Aston United   2
Referee:- Derek Spray Attendance:- 14
Admission:- £2.00 Programme:- £0.50
The Harvey Hadden Athletic Stadium is the present home to recently formed Bilborough Town. In the past, Graeme said that he’d watched Rugby League matches at the ground and certainly there was plenty of evidence of Nottingham Athletics Club activity. Entrance to this vast arena was via a narrow passage with a turnstile at midpoint. Good to see Brian Buck there amongst the healthy gathering of hoppers who made up almost half of the attendance. It was not the most fluent of matches. The grass was too long and the match was strewn with errors, but top of the table Bilborough eventually triumphed, although Aston United were somewhat unlucky not to come away with a draw.







Tuesday 29th November 2016
Evo-Stik Southern League
Division 1 South & West

Mangotsfield United P   Hereford P
Referee:- Scott Jackson Programme:- £2.00
John Main and I had enjoyed a good morning at Aston Villa’s Bodymoor Heath Training Ground for an U-18 fixture against Arsenal and reached Mangotsfield in very good time, paid £2 for the car park (!!!) and another £2 for a programme and fortified by a pie and a drink we waited in the clubhouse outside the ground. Dozens of Hereford fans arrived and started to drink the club house dry and then Will Cheshire showed us a tweet on the Hereford Twitter account: “Match OFF”. No announcement from the club, but apparently, the referee had deemed one goalmouth to be frozen and unplayable. We rang Shortwood United but that match was also off and a major accident on The M5 meant that we couldn’t get to Portishead Town, which, perversely, was ON!15230763_1312161372159341_5485861561976911473_n

Tuesday 29th November 2016

Barclays U-18 Professional Development League

Aston Villa   1   Arsenal   1

Admission:- F.O.C.          Attendance:- 89

There were no programmes, entrance was free of charge, plenty of car parking and a pretty good crowd. Aston Villa looked a well drilled side – especially in defence. They scored a first half goal and then hung on until the first minute of added time at the end of the match when increasing Arsenal pressure led to the equaliser.


Pictures of Bodymoor Heath (above), courtesy of John Main




After a round trip (including the match at Bodymoor Heath) of a little over 450 miles in one day, we still have to re-visit Cossham Street, Mangotsfield!

Other Matches in November 2016

Tuesday 1st November

Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League Premier Division

Kirby Muxloe   4   Oadby Town   0          Attendance:- 80

Thursday 3rd November 2016

Northants Senior Youth League Cup 1st Round

Rushden & Higham United 3  Wellingborough Whitworth 1 Attendance:- 55

Monday 7th November 2016

Northants Senior Youth League East Division

Rothwell Corinthians  1  Kettering FC  1              Attendance:- 56

Tuesday 8th November 2016

Midland League Premier Division

Loughborough University 1 Coventry United 3  

Attendance:- 95

Friday 18th November 2016

Barclays U-23 Premier League 2

Leicester City 5  Derby County  0                       Attendance:- 126

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

European Champions League Group G

Leicester City  2  FC Brugge  1                         Attendance:- 31,443

Monday 28th November 2016

Evo-Stik Southern League Premier Division

Hitchin Town  3  Hayes & Yeading  0            Attendance:- 285




This season – Matches:- 118          New Grounds:-  63

TOTAL –         Matches:- 3,561      Grounds:- 1,291

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October 2016


The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold

And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold

And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea

When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee

(From “The Destruction of Sennacherib” by Lord Byron 1815)


Monday 3rd October 2016
Evo-Stik Southern League Challenge Cup 1st Round

Cambridge City 1

Tunde Adewunmi 83,

Histon 1

Cameron Watson 28,

Referee:- Christopher Reeson                             Attendance:- 145
No extra time was played
Histon won 4-1 on penalties
Cambridge are still playing at St Ives’ Westwood Road ground and look likely to be there next season, too. A little old lady in the High Court is holding up planning permission for their new stadium out at Sawston. Both City and Histon have started this season nervously and both sit in the lower reaches of The Southern League Premier Division. Histon made all the running in the first half but could only stamp one goal on their undoubted authority. In the second half, they conceded late on, the game went straight to penalties and Cambridge missed all of their first three – and with that went the match!





 Wednesday 5th October 2016
Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division

Corby Town 1 Stourbridge 2
Referee:- Steven Abbott (Sutton-in-Ashfield)
Attendance:- 462 Admission:- OMGDS £8 (£12)
Programme:- £2.50 Hotdog:- £2.20
Son, Michael and grandson, Freddie (aged six), came with me to Steel Park for this lacklustre performance by the hosts. The healthy attendance did little to inspire the players on the pitch and with no score at half-time, the game was in danger of descending into a yawn. Immediately after the break, The Steelmen took the lead with an exquisitely taken free-kick on the edge of the area (see photo below). Stourbridge, who had looked the more composed throughout, struck back with two goals in three minutes just after the hour mark and deservedly took the spoils.




Corby Town’s goal at tonight’s game!


Dad and son – Mike and Freddie at Corby Town

Tuesday 11th October 2016
Chromasport & Trophies United Counties
League Cup 1st Round

Cogenhoe 2 Oakham United 1
Referee:- Joshua Crofts Attendance:- 35
Admission:- £6.00 Programme:- £1.00
It was a cold night on the far side of Northampton for this League Cup tie which pitted Premier against First Division opposition. In an entertainingly cagey encounter, Cogenhoe (pronounced “Cook-no” – hence the nickname “The Cooks”), found themselves deservedly adrift shortly after half-time as Oakham bossed the match. However, two late goals saw them saw them safely into the next round in front of a disappointingly small gathering.




Saturday 15th October 2016
Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 North

Tilbury 1 Bowers & Pitsea 1
Referee:- R. Head Attendance:- 91
Admission:- OMGDS £6 (£9) programme:– Incl.
Tilbury is deep in London’s dockland and the cranes silently rear over the stadium like some giant Martian spaceships. The ground is neat and quirky with a couple of interesting seated stands. As for the game, it was a local derby between two sides with aspirations on promotion, but, sadly, all the action was packed into the first twelve minutes. Thereafter an attritional war of possession was fought until both sides had slogged to a standstill. A point apiece was a fair return, but it wasn’t pretty.




John Main and Chris Berezai at Tilbury


Monday 17th October 2016
Evo-Stik Southern League Premier division

Hitchin Town 1 Cambridge City 0
Referee:- D. Skinner Attendance:- 294
Admission:- OMGDS £6 (£10) Programme:- £2
“The moon was a ghostly galleon, tossed upon stormy seas”, well, not really, it was quite a mild night, but I couldn’t resist the quote from “The Highway Man” by Alfred Noyes! Anyway, these two sides from opposite ends of the table pawed each other like toothless tigers for ninety minutes and then, in the fourth minute of added time, the hosts scored to the delight of the home support, but to the consternation of the away team, who surely deserved a point from the contest, but were denied at the death!



Wednesday 19th october 2016
Hallmark Securities North-West Counties League
1st Division

Eccleshall 0 Whitchurch Alport 5
Referee:- Mr R. Goodwin-Davey Attendance:- 83
Admission:- OMGDS £3 (£5) Programme:- £1
“The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold, and his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold”, except that these cohorts were in red as Alport, second in the table, relentlessly battered the home defence. It was nothing less than a miracle that the hosts, second from bottom in the table, lasted for thirty five minutes before the first goal went in. Excellent keeping from the home custodian and the frame of the goal kept the score down to reasonable proportions, but the gulf between the sides was seismic. Lovely little ground in the middle of nowhere and friendly and helpful officials. John Main and I enjoyed our visit!





 Saturday 22nd October 2016
Barclays Premiership

Liverpool 2 West Bromwich Albion 1
Referee:- Neil Swarbrick Attendance:- 53,218
My grandson, Freddie’s, first awesome visit to Anfield. Is it really thirty years since I took his dad for a first visit to Anfied? It seems hard to believe (26th April 1986 Liverpool 5 Birmingham City 0 att.:- 42,021). I think he enjoyed his day – despite the appalling traffic congestion in both directions! He was home just before midnight!



Freddie Arthur McGeown on his first visit to Anfield


Dad, Michael and Freddie outside Anfield



 Wednesday 26th October 2016
EFL Cup 4th Round

West Ham United 2 Chelsea 1
Referee:- Craig Pawson Attendance:- 45,957
Admission:- £30.00 Programme:- £3.50
Not a game I would normally attend, but needs must in order to keep my membership of the ’92 Club’. Crowded and overpriced. Good luck to them, I shan’t need to visit again.
Quite a good match, though, as large numbers of reserves battled it out with each other. West Ham had a 2-0 lead shortly after half-time, but Chelsea, reinforced by Eden Hazard and Diego Costa began to look threatening, but all they could manage was an added time consolation.




 Sunday 30th October 2016
Mayo League – Superleague Division

Castlebar Celtic 4 Iorris Aonthaithe 2
Referee:- Martin Regan Attendance:- 56
Admission:- €5.00 Programme:- NONE
This was my third visit to a Mayo League match and Celtic Park is by far the best stadium that I have seen in this league (although, I was told that Westport played their first match in a brand new and expensive stadium last weekend!). I was made to feel very welcome with cups of tea and doughnuts and team sheets were available (this season, the league have increased the number of players who can be substituted from three to five). As far as the hosts were concerned, this was the last match of the league season and mattered little, except in terms of pride. For the visitors, relegation loomed. This was a match that they had to win. Level on points with Ballyheane, one of those two teams would be relegated. The visitors opened as if their lives depended upon the outcome.They scored first, in the ninth minute and when that goal was equalised two minutes later, they retook the lead within a minute and held on for twenty more minutes. The hosts gradually began to take control in a frenetic match played at a good pace. They equalised in the twenty-fifth minute and took the lead on the half-hour mark and never looked like relinquishing their control, scoring a final knock-out goal in the 89th minute. Ballyheane, meanwhile, won their match and it was curtains for Erris (the English version of their name is Erris United).The weather was fine and I had a thoroughly enjoyable visit and I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Mayo!



Other matches in October:-

Saturday 1st October 2016

Bedfordshire League Division 1

Henlow 3 Ickleford 3        Attendance:- 128

Bedfordshire League Division 11

Kempston Hammers  2  Wixams  0     Attendance:- 93

Bedfordshire League Division 111

Wootton Village  2  White Eagles  2   Attendance:- 131

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League Premier Division

Desborough Town  3  Kirby Muxloe  2      Attendance:- 80

Friday 7th October 2016

Western League Division 1

Bishop Sutton  0  Keynsham Town  1   Attendance:- 247

Saturday 8th October 2016

Western League Division 1

Cheddar  2  Portishead Town 1  Attendance:- 222

Western League Premier Division

Wells City  2  Cadbury Heath  5  Attendance:- 219

Western League Division 1

Westbury United 0 Malmesbury Victoria 1    Attendance:- 233

Western League Division 1

Calne Town  3  Corsham Town  2    Attendance:- 257

Sunday 9th October 2016

Western League Division 1

Chard Town 2 Bishops Lydeard  3    Attendance:- 240

Western League Premier Division

Street  4  Chipping Sodbury Town  2  Attendance:- 291

Monday 10th October 2016

Northants Senior Youth League East

Desborough Town  8  Corby Town  1    Attendance:- 47

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Perpetua Press Hellenic Floodlit Cup 2nd Round

Hook Norton  3  Clanfield 85  2 aet   Attendance:- 36

Tuesday 18th October 2016

European Champions League Group G

Leicester City  1  FC Copenhagen  0  Attendance:- 31,037

Thursday 20th October 2016

FA Youth Cup 3rd Qualifying Round

Ely City 1  Bedworth United  2   Attendance:- 151

Monday 24th October 2016

Northants Senior Youth League East

Desborough Town  6  S&L Corby  3   Attendance:- 48

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Evo-Stik Southern League Division 1 South & West

Swindon Supermarine 0 Hereford 3   Attendance:- 823

Friday 28th October 2016

League of Ireland Premier Division

Dundalk 4 Galway United 1  Attendance:- 3,641

Saturday 29th October 2016

Danske Banke Irish Premiership

Cliftonville  3  Glenavon  0    Attendance:-  c1,000

Monday 31st October

Northants Senior Youth League Cup 1st Round

Desborough Town 4 ON Chenecks  1  Attendance:- 45

This season:-

Matches:- 97        New Grounds:- 52


Matches:-  3,543      New Grounds:- 1,280

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