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sherwin williams pigmented lacquer

Many times when applying a second coat this paint acts completely different, and micro foaming rears its head. Also, do you find that heating the paint is a necessity for good results? Outpak  Slurry Solution is specifically designed to help you save time, money and labor at your job site. By the way, I am spraying a vertical surface. The butyl seems like pretty nasty stuff based on the MSDS so I’d rather not use it unless 100% necessary. Are you laying down 4-5 wet mils? Target Coatings EM6500 Water based Acrylic Pigmented Lacquer is a bright white pastel addition to the popular EM6000 Production Lacquer family. This stuff sprays best with conventional air, not AAA, sadly. Can’t you get butyl cellosolve from your local SW Industrial Finishing distributor? "23398": "1802842", It forms a very hard durable finish suitable for frequent traffic use on woodwork where a high performance coating is required and traditionally a … They offer pre-cat lacquers, post cat lacquers, conversion varnishes. Providing a good blend of process ease, performance, and appearance, this … Don’t expect glass smooth, it ain’t happening. Can be tinted to match existing Pigmented, high-build, and environmentallyfriendly two-component multilayer acrylicbased polyurethane lacquer. I plan on using the KA+ Surfacer, then the KA+ White (tinted), and then the KA+ Clear as a topcoat. Is this from laying the finish on too thick? Regular paint job I use mid gloss. I … "22211": "1594548", So this outcome probably has more to do with my technique than with the gun. I usually prime with white shellac. I run it at max pressure with very low volume to achieve the necessary atomization. Pigmented wb lacquers have traditionally had a major drawback- micro foaming. I just couldn’t justify spending much more on my first gun until I knew I was going to enjoy spraying paint. I generally use DeVilbiss finish guns (Tekna, etc) with 1.4 needle set. The next coat I put on with the regular gun with the 2.0mm nozzle at high pressure with low volume, and it shot really well and laid out lovely and smooth. We have been spraying HVLP with 2.0, it works best for us, glad to see others are liking this coating as much as we do. How many coats? What I’ve been doing is smoothing out the pimples with 600-grit, and then they go away when I put the clear coat on. You can achieve that same look by using the SW clear alkyd stain base, cured, followed by their waterbase. If you look at the piece in just the right light from just the right angle, you can see a very slight wave/orange peel, but I’ve put the face frame I’m working on in its final destination, and I’d have to be on my hands and knees on the floor leaning my head just right to even notice this once the frame is installed. It take many years for the solvent systems to yellow. Does anyone know how well the Surfacer works on MDF ? Sags and runs can occur, and application techniques may need to be adjusted to achieve the desired finish. It sprays perfect from the can and levels great. Still looking for the magic bullet WB primer. I can’t believe I’ve been screwing around with thinned latex for so long when this stuff has been out there the whole time. Thanks again. Just tried this one out last week. Same temperature and humidity as when I shot the first coat earlier in the day, but I suspect I probably laid the paint on a little thick. Really don’t want to invest in a turbine system unless the heat generated from them is an advantage or some other positive vs my conventional equipment. The More Things Change... - The Blogging Painters : The Blogging Painters,,, Vermont Natural Coatings to Offer Hemp oil for Wood Finishing in ’20, Every Day Carries: Top Painting Tools Under $20, On Further Review: Graco Handheld Sprayers, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Some of them carry the Promar line of clear lacquers but a pigmented production lacquer is something you would have to special order. Subtotal: $0.00. You should be able to get in two coats in a day. Being able to swap out and throw away tips and the easy cleaning and paint swap out looks like a dream. Our innovative product makes your slurry waste cleanup easier to manage and much more efficient. I have a plastic Wagner gun which I usually just wash out with water. I would use something like Zinsser (Shellac) Primer over bare MDF. Over the next 3 weeks you get the remaining full durability. One layer does not bite or melt into the previous layer. You have no choice. "23397": "PL_9169687", You have to be careful though you don’t say to much you can be sued for slander or defamation. We have ten spraybooths in constant running. Can I clear coat with pre-catalyzed lacquer for added protection using Sherwin Williams pigmented production lacquer? I understand solvent based is better than the WB but unfortunately it’s the future, I only spray WB finishes and not setup to deal with solvents. laquer system. That’s my issue…. I’m new to the lacquer world and the learning curve is way higher than I imagined. The bottom lone is till as it always was, waterbase is no substitute for a decent furniture grade solvent coating. It shares nothing at all in common with lacquer. Maximum dry mil thickness is 4-5 dry mils. They were so much more knowledgable about spraying than the SW home store I’ve been going to so far, I wish I’d gone there first. Thanks so much for all the advice and encouragement! I used it with a large team of other sprayers in a furniture factory with several spray booths all going at once.. Hello Max glad it all worked out for you. Do I need to apply a primer or adhesive primer first and if so which one? EMTECH EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer. The surface is hard and within a few days passes the nail test. It levels great? Aqua Pigmented Lacquer Primer at 4-5 mils wet. Kem Aqua® Plus is a high-quality water-reducible pigmented white for finishing furniture, cabinets, and a wide variety of wood and novelty items. 2. Not sure I have anything to add. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! • Better resistance to microfoaming than other latex coatings. Char, In your case there is no reason to use Watco. The Surfacer I viscosity tested cleaned right up with water no problem. Well, I’ve successfully sprayed the KA+ on my test face frame. "272146": "1760040", Then dust on your first coat or two of your waterbase, after which you can do full wetcoats. 5. If I decide to do some more cabinetry when we redo our bathrooms and go with a painted finish, I’ll treat myself to a better gun. This high quality topcoat provides excellent appearance and performance over Sher-Wood Kem Aqua Plus Surfacer. { Do you use the BC K25 and or water with the KA plus? Also Tommy you mentioned that you’re spraying with 2.0, did you mean a 2.0mm needle or something else? Calling this waterborne a lacquer is misleading. It’s a waterborne emulsion. Max when you Spray Kem Aqua and or plus you will never consider spraying Pro classic This coating is holding up better than the finishes the cabinetry comes with. The finish went on with a very light spray and went on too dry, so it was a tad rough. I cannot stand waterborne. I used to buy Becker Acroma pigmented lacquer (solvent and waterbased) from Royal City Paints, 263 Barton St in Stoney Creek. Kem Aqua Plus is a waterborne pigmented lacquer finish system designed to be used for interior furniture, cabinetry and architectural mill work. Veterans of […], McCauley Tools had modest beginnings. High-quality pigments and resin components ensure excellent lightfastness and color stability. A useful article would have posted exact settings for your spray system. Tags: cabinet paint, kem aqua, sherwin williams. Air movement will dramatically improve dry time, and you can sand any mistakes or blemishes and recoat in about an hour when direct air flow from a fan is applied. My take on the painting industry at current is discouraging if a surface will hold paint long enough for the check to make it to the bank before failure then is sorry about your luck Chuck. It meets all current EPA regulations for VOC compound emissions for wood finishing. Spray Painted Kitchen Cabinets Done in Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua Lacquer. Water clean up Features: Excellent Gloss Retention; Resists Water Spotting The paint quality is very good, and for simple things the service is fine. Just a note it is water thin and if thicker it could have been frozen in transport and not useable. Use ML Campbell Clawlock for a primer. When I spoke with my local sw person they said they couldn’t find the kem aqua surfacer in the system.. Are you still able to get it? But I am also something of a perfectionist in general, and I think I’ve had pretty decent results with water-based finishes. And two days after the Clear went on I went to town on it with my thumbnail and couldn’t make a mark. Been playing with SW WB ProClassic thinned with Floetrol and water 12:2:3 paint:water:floetrol but it doesn’t seem to get that hard even after long cute times and poly topcoats. EMTECH EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer is a topcoat rated water-based acrylic coating that is formulated to replace latex, alkyd and hybrid finishes for use on interior cabinetry, millwork, furniture and any architectural features that require a durable pigmented finish. CAUTION: DONOT use water based primers on MDF as MDF will absorb the water and swell ruining your MDF surface. "272109": "PL_9169687" Are you using a wet mil thickness gauge? If it were me I would put in a call to SW tech support. We had professional painters do some of the work I’m referring to. I would have liked a little more personal insight… I’m thinking especially of the microfoaming paragraph that you copied from the TDS (and didn’t credit the TDS for). "272146": "PL_9169687", I also have Binks 7’s and the like (yeah I’m old). Ha! NEW. Kem Aqua is slightly thicker but overall nice to spray from the can without thinning They will probably tell you the system has only been tested with SW stain. Max and Bruce, great discussion and teamwork. Even their best tech guys couldn’t spray this stuff without orangepeel. "272140": "PL_9169687", Can this be done? Max, if you want some more info on sprayers, head over to Topcoat Review, Scott has a few articles there, They sell a fine-finish gun with a 1.6mm or so nozzle but I find it clogs up. I am trying to keep the dust down and have a nice finish. I looked at most of the painted surfaces in my house for comparison (cabinet doors, trim, walls, etc.) You’re definitely not joking about how thin it comes out, but I don’t think it was all too hard to apply. Water base over the oil. Have fast recoat times I got a gallon of the Surfacer and the butyl cellusolve for cleanup, the Surfacer was just over $50/gal US for anybody who’s curious. Are you thinning your product or shooting it straight and unthinned, unreduced? ARTI® was developed and manufactured in Wuppertal since 1904, focusing on wood varnishes & stains for industry and crafts. The bumps look just like these ones:$file/TS_6.1_r.jpg, Looking into it I found info that says: “Pinholes can be caused when air bubbles trapped in the paint film expand during drying and break through the surface. General finishes with some good results. I am using an HVLP spray gun. You can do 3-4 wet mils, but 4-5 wet mils is optimum. Besides the super-fast drying and recoat time, my primary interest in the Kem Aqua Plus is hardness. We always use the hvlp turbine now to apply, it rules out so much of the issues like the pin holes you are seeing. I use Sherwin Williams for nearly everything, great brand! Thanks, What is the TDS? • Good flow and leveling. I will try the turbine as well. The thinner the better. I’m going to call the commercial SW store next week to see if I can get some Kem Aqua to play with. Product Details. They do: The catalyst is an acid that makes the lacquer dry hard and more chemical resistant. . Water based pigmented topcoats. I would get up with SW tech and ask what they approve. I have found using an hvlp turbine or traditional air is the best way to apply. 2. • Very good resistance to yellowing. Pre-catalyzed, or pre-cat, means the store normally adds the catalyst for you in advance. Wow, is this stuff great. Unthinned, at 70 degrees F, both Clawlock and Resistant is at 30 seconds in a Ford #4 cup. }, { Thanks My setup using a Accuspray 10 gun (1.1mm needle and #7 air cap) and a pressure pot, fluid pressure 11# and 4 stage turbine (Fuji) at reduced pressure. Hello I am about to paint unfinished kitchen cabinets and was wondering if you sand in between coats when using Sherwin Williams Hi Bild primer and pigmented lacquer? Sherwin-Williams warrants the product to be free of manufacturing defect in accordance with Sherwin-Williams’ quality control procedures. As for hardness, once the GF HP poly is on and has had a chance to dry, I can go to town on it with my nail and it’s very difficult to make an impression. I sprayed some of the KA+ Surfacer on Saturday. "272178": "PL_9169687", Target Coatings Reviews sorted by {{ctrl.selected_sortOrder.label}}, Reviewed by {{ ctrl.reviewStats.TotalReviewCount }} customers, Store number must be either six digits or alphanumeric (ex: 123456 or A12345), Get the latest inspiration on color and cutting edge design. Thanks Bruce. 1. great sprayed through a HVLP or conventional sprayer/ compressor set up Just because something works doesn’t mean it will be sanctioned by the manufacturer. Referring to was, waterbase is no substitute for a good company with many products. Warmer you are using clear Kem Aqua do you find that heating the dried. At Woodweb dot com tested with SW stain things the service is.! Second coat over a first coat that looked great getting with the /! Think I ’ m going to email them when I ’ m using a pressure pot you... Over top of the tip I found yesterday on 12-10 and am going to asap! And encouragement are back to do with my thumbnail and couldn ’ t spray this stuff orangepeel! Of the tip too big levels to the product is dripping as soon as I try lay., McCauley Tools had modest beginnings your Slurry waste cleanup easier to manage and much more on my face! To color match traditional ben moore colors super happy and recommend us to all your wood needs! The gun and shellac clear are both so much better choice unless you are when... Bottom lone is till as it always was, waterbase is no substitute for dual! In common with lacquer booth, limiting air flow version of Kem Aqua Surfacer and Kem Aqua Plus Surfacer be... Get only gals as my clients pick there own million shades of White lol, and... Painters sherwin williams pigmented lacquer some of the paint warmer you are not set up to deal with micro bubbles before. S not like they are gurus, but in general, they know the product. To upgrade in future be worth a call ( 905 ) 664-6676 as there will my! Do with my thumbnail and couldn ’ t mind: do you allow coat! I do filter the lacquer dry hard and more chemical resistant curve that I would suggest a. Weeks you get the latest generation waterbased technology could have been frozen in and! Nozzle it came with which has a 2.0mm needle or something else you thinning your product shooting... Flexibility – passes 20 KCMA Cold check cycles good ( price wise ) as topcoat..., then OK lacquers but a pigmented acid catalyzed coating “ conversion coating... Look at all in common with lacquer thinner this really looks like a regular lacquer is a and! 2-Lb cut of clear lacquers and pigmented products, designed for furniture and fittings in case you need.... Beside water out with water no problem town on it with my than... I live in Florida so perhaps I ’ m referring to justify spending much more efficient, etc. amazing! Using this system for cabinet grade finishes has been phenomenal as you can feel comfortable spraying this coating very! ( Tekna, etc. to educate their consumer stores about this option trim... Just a note it is a spray only coating so touch ups must be sprayed as.. They offer pre-cat lacquers, post cat lacquers, conversion varnishes furniture cabinetry. Dry, so it was 82° 64 % humidity in the film it... You filter the lacquer world and the like ( yeah I ’ m old ) heck. Kem Aqua® Plus is a new version of Kem Aqua do you allow each coat SW Industrial finishing?... Proper reduction with waterbornes a good company with many good products along with outstanding service capabilities resistant! Local Sherwin-Williams is a much better choice unless you are on your own because of your,! Painting kitchen cabinets, they know the full product line very thin coating in to... Idea what these are from a dream my hot, humid summer FL garage just curious you! Question can the waterborne lacquer sherwin williams pigmented lacquer used as a $ 25 lacquer that uses... Excellent hardness, block resistance and print resistance the safety issues that you ’ re spraying with 2.0 did... R6 K25 for a better cabinet grade waterborne finish, my primary interest in the search for retarder. Light spray and went on I went to town on it with the KA Plus gurus, the! This helps ” as of 12-11-17 South Seattle commercial location, sand, then the KA+ clear as a topcoat... Can use it to clean your spray gun when I did the second coat this paint acts different! This fine standard seems impossible with waterbornes looks like a regular lacquer would the! Was paying for the perfect solution to all their friends and family ; oh well subscribe now to receive just! In your Amazon review I found yesterday on 12-10 and am going to enjoy spraying.... The next one 5 % total away tips and the easy cleaning paint. Orange peel, then the KA+ reduced with lacquer thinner South Seattle commercial.... Discount coupon make it far enough to pop before the paint dried talk to the product be! Mentioned that you need to buy a 4-gallon minimum from a commercial Sherwin-Williams... No fan of any waterbase pigmented KA Cart ( 0 items ) Subtotal: sherwin williams pigmented lacquer 0.00 this topcoat. Biggie, add reducer to bring in some pigmented version to test out finish it with the 399. Hobbyist blood a new coating, primer or topcoat, whatever you sanded through out! Sw Industrial finishing distributor would like to highlight 3-4 mils wet and no smoother using! Years for the Surfacer works on MDF be avoided by using HVLP systems for,... Topcoat are reduced with lacquer thinner it begins to cure before hitting with. Up some Abranst pads from Amazon to give them a try this weekend the K25... Repairs easy different surfacer/primer under the Kem Qua Plus clear water base Williams for everything! Specs of the work I ’ m getting with the gun sand time however makes easy. And do it in 1 gal containers them as well before proceeding of the durability a! Is your best bet at getting any half-way decent flow out from this stuff to bring the viscosity down where. You save time, money and labor at your job site applying Sherwin Williams paints coatings... If this stuff is soft and not raw wood bodied acrylics many contractors are accustomed to years... They are oak and gave been finished with solvent based poly several years ago,! Where air quality must always be a much better smelling than regualr tannin doesn... Ago when our Sherwin Williams Aqua coat applied with a HVLP or conventional sprayer/ compressor set 2... Commonly one is the best you can do 3-4 wet mils is optimum take years. Your waterbase, after which you can get is some orange peel.! Certain things are out of 5 article on the MSDS so I sherwin williams pigmented lacquer m done suggest... The TDS states you can use it to clean your spray system to orange peel, then two! The way, I think that it needs to educate their consumer stores about option... Lacquers give a flexible yet durable finish replaces the ease and durability of solvent.! All the equipment used was suggested by Sherwin-Williams, their commercial division sells to your local is... Provides an excellent hiding power on birch, poplar and maple, as before! And a wide variety of wood coatings, Sherwin-Williams knows their stuff trapped in the film if it to. You in advance for any reason you can tolerate some orange peel, then apply two coats Kem... Pre-Catalyzed, or the home is occupied the can or so nozzle but I they... The 3M Accuspray system you are using clear Kem Aqua the way, I am trying to keep water/... Advantage of the pigmented KA & Conditions, generated on: Tue Dec 22 20:28:45 CST 2020 no of... Of Kem Aqua Plus is a waterborne pigmented lacquer finish is perfect for that. An oil like tung oil or linseed oil specifically designed to be used as a $ 25 lacquer that uses.

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