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Well he also had all his dormant power unlocked on Namek yet he still grew in strength.....sooooooooooooooo. Gohan sorta embodies this trope in the Dragon Ball world since he is the one with the most "hidden powers." In fact, it's actually the "true" timeline of the Dragon Ball universe. Gohan & Goten start every fight with a 58% ATK & DEF Buff, but their Buffs improve by 10% with each ATK performed. Character Summary; Glorious Battle Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) [Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF] 40/9664/7654/4761 [L] Type Ki +2 and HP & DEF +70% [S] Causes supreme damage to enemy and raises ATK for 3 turns [P] ATK +100% when performing a Super Attack Golden Warrior - Royal Lineage - Super Saiyan - The Innocents - Budding Warrior - Prepared for Battle - Shattering the Limit @502reogmygmai: Yeah guru also unlocked Gohans full potential back on namek and krillins to. Dokkan Battle Everlasting Legend Super Saiyan Goku, rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team. best. Future Gohan first made his anime debut in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Ghosts from Tomorrow" during one of Trunks' flashbacks.He would receive a much larger role a short time later in the television special, Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. She has potential, but just like Gohan in Dragon Ball Super, she just lets it go. Gohan was taught to fight ecause he needed to fight, and at a young age. What do you guys think? Well he gets the short end of the stick in this timeline, as do most of the Z-Fighters. The Potential Unleashed transformation takes all of the hidden power within Gohan and brings it to the surface for him to use in full. Even though Goten is the youngest Saiyan to go Super Saiyan, Gohan could easily be considered the strongest Saiyan of the bunch. According to Piccolo's judgement, Gohan's childhood was a pampered one, which was why he was unable to initially cop with the harshness of the wilderness. It's a strong belief that the stronger a parent is (saiyan race) the stronger the child will be. Obtaining and maxing LR Kid Gohan requires that the player fully beat all the stages of the Super Battle Road. We can't imagine the kind of trauma that would inflict on young Gohan, but we do see how he copes with it. Having potential means nothing if you do nothing. In fact, his name might actually makes Goku love him more. That is to say, Future Trunks comes from a future that was supposed to happen, but a divergent timeline was born when he travelled back in time to warn the Z-fighters of the androids. Cos Gohan had his full potential unlocked and he was literally strongest KI user who wasn't a god or a fusion. It is a volatile power that is very poorly understood by those that have tried to figure it out, but is also one of the main keys to the Z-fighters greatest battles. Awakened LR Two Makes the Strongest of All Universes - Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale Super AGL 9 LR Miracle-Calling Clash - Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) & Super Saiyan Goten (Kid) Super TEQ I doubt he is now that all of this super saiyan god junk is around though, when gohan was in SS2 a teen , he was more powerful than Goku , then after the Cell Saga , he got lazy af , then when he learned Potential Unlocked (which is as powerful as in between SS3 & maybe stronger without the strain) , he could easily beat Goku at some point but since Goku is full saiyan , his power level grows after every fight against a strong opponent. Home. Goku might have gone through some crazy adventures as a kid in Dragon Ball, but he was 12 at the time. Before he was old enough to be in first grade, Gohan fought against two psychopathic alien killers (one of which was his uncle), trained under harsh conditions with the help of a green alien demon, was the youngest person in space and faced several deadly enemies on an alien planet. No wonder his mom wanted him to study. Gohan hasn't had the most traditional upbringing, as we've already mentioned, and even his adult life is pretty insane. Dragon Ball / DBZ / GT Anime/Manga Chat Or rather, Chi-Chi wasted his potential. That's why he didn't go ssj or ssj2 against buutenks. This isn't really a problem during his time being homeschooled, but when he enters into the public school system in high school, things get a little sketchy. Does Goten and Trunks have the hidden power? It's kind of dark considering the fact that Goten didn't know his father for his early life. Goten is the spitting image of his father, especially when Goku was younger. You see, Gohan is named after Goku's adoptive grandfather, a name that Goku suggested when Gohan was a baby. 4886. As a teenager-on, his hair is more shaggier reaching down to the base of his neck. RSS. He has made up some "interesting" attacks, usually on the spot. Both Gohan and Goten have grown to be kind-hearted warriors of good like their father, but that's not the only way they take after Goku. lol 4th dimension reiatsu Well-Known Member. We did get to see Gohan's full potential realized in his mystic form at … They are automatically assigned to Player 4 (Purple). Nope, Gohan's name literally means "rice.". Comparatively, Goten at 7 Years old could have most likely defeated Frieza alone. @thepeaceweapon: link to him saying that? But what about super Saiyan God? He's basically Gohan without the anger and motive to fight because he has grown up in a loving and non-violent household. So by the time Goten reaches Goku's age he will most likely be stronger than Gohan and Goku (this is assuming he keeps training). Think about it, Goten was conceived sometime before the Cell games, perhaps even when Goku and Gohan were maintaining their Super Saiyan forms long-term. DOKKANYoutuber List. The rest should be invested on Additionals, the unit already has high natural stats to defend himself and is on the tankiest teams in the game "Hybrid Saiyans" . Gohan has his hidden potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru. Further, it is unknown if quarter Saiyans, such as Pan, have a lesser potential than half Saiyans or pure-blooded Saiyans. His biggest downfall as a parent, however, is his absence, since he was dead for the first seven years of Goten's life. I will demonstrate with and without links such as "SSJ, FB and LR… Banners always rotate, featuring newer units you … But, little Goten has been left out of the fun. I thought it was because he was a half breed. By the time they're teens they'll be SS2's and when they're Goku and Vegeta's ages they'll be SS3's. send you an email once approved. While it took around a full day of Gohan just sitting down and doing nothing, the results speak for themselves. Gohan becomes frightened at first, but he manages to regain his focus and destroys the entire boulder with the "Hidden Potential" energy wave, much to Piccolo's shock and amazement. @thomastinsley: He had his full potential unklocked. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Angela previously witnessed Gohan getting changed, noticing his underwear. Most of Gohan's strange life can be blamed on his strange family. LR, TEC, Rang A TEC, SUPER. @hypnos0929: Goten and trunks reaching ssj was PIS pure and simple. @hypnos0929: That one handed kamehameha is not even canon. You concede that Guru was a fraud? Because in the Daizenshuu 2 it stated that had Gohan gone Ssj while in his Ultimate Form he likely could've surpassed Buuhan in terms of power. So, we know that Goten is the youngest Super Saiyan ever, right? @chazz85: It doesn't matter if he trains,he has had his full potential unlocked. He clearly got stronger afterwards and so did krillin. Gohan would go on to be one of the most important characters in the series, he was the first to go Super Saiyan 2, he defeated cell and he almost replaced Goku as the main protagonist. Because back when Toriyama cared about the series, he stated it was so. This is one of his ultimate attacks in his kid form in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and in the Raging Blastseries. It has different properties then the regular SS, so it stands to reason that he is able to unlock it at some point. He is showcased as a twenty-three year old man, and is depicted as the mentor of Future Trunks. Goten is a muscular young man of above average height and a light-pale complexion; his spiky black hair, facial features, and skin-tone are inherited from his father. Goten& Kid Trunks are one of the more difficult heroes to play. But Gohan is not treated any differently for this name by his father. This, however, did not release all of Gohan's hidden power, since he was still only able to unleash his hidden power through fierce rage. "Siblings' Bond" Category Ki +2, ATK +140% and HP & DEF +120%; or "Goku's Family" Category Ki +2, ATK +140% and HP & DEF +100% Brotherhood Kamehameha: Raises ATK for 1 turn and causes supreme damage to enemy: Strengthened by Boundless Dreams: ATK & DEF +30%; launches an additional attack that has a medium chance of becoming a Super Attack; Ki +1 and ATK & DEF +10% with each attack … Coohan, called Kuhan (クウハン, KÅ«han) in the Japanese version and initially called Gokuhan (ゴクウハン, GokÅ«han), is the EX-Fusion of Kid Goku and Gohan introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. FBpage. Template:Directory Template:Quote Future Gohan is the alternate timeline counterpart of Gohan that appears in the timeline in which Future Trunks lives. However, Goten ends up driving the tractor off a cliff, forcing Goku to save him. LR SBR Gohan Hidden Potential. D-Free. Sort by. That early half of the series really pushed the idea. Guru placed his hand on top of Gohan's head and using his own powers, released Gohan's latent potential. Before deciding on a name, Goku seemed rather disinterested in his son, but once he was named after his grandpa, he showed great love and care for him. Follow/Fav Hidden Potential. Printed on the back of Gohan's underwear is a picture of a cute teddy bear, an embarrassing fact that Angela planned to exploit. When Goku and Gohan trained in the hyperbolic time chamber, they aged a year in the span of a day. Ki Sense: Gohan can sense power levels like many other characters in the series. Gohan possesses superhuman strength and durability, as well as superhuman speed and reflexes, as seen during his training with his younger brother Goten. When Gohan was training with Goten for the world martial arts tournament, he went Super Saiyan and was surprised to find that his little brother could do the same. Additionally, Goten has a noticeable thick battle scar on her right cheek. What if Gohan didn't stop training after the Cell Games because of Vegeta? 1, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1 Reveals Sunstar's Origins, King in Black: Immortal Hulk #1 Rings in a Silent Night, Black Cat Jumps Into a Solid Relaunch Against the King in Black, Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths Gives the Justice Society a Violent Epic, Avatar: Toph's 5 Best Qualities (& Her 5 Worst Flaws), Avatar The Last Airbender: Zuko's Last 10 Fights (In Chronological Order), Avatar: The 10 Cutest Animals In The Franchise, Ranked, Avatar: 10 New Forms Of Bending That Could Realistically Be Introduced, Wander Over Yonder: 5 Best Episodes & 5 Worst, According To IMDb, King Of The Hill: 10 Ways The Series Changed Since Season One, Avatar: 10 Appa Memes That Will Make You Go 'Yip Yip', Legend Of Korra: 10 Things That Made No Sense About Book 4, Power Rangers: 10 Strongest Sixth Rangers In The Franchise, Ranked, Legend Of Korra: 5 Characters Mako Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), Naruto: 10 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Shikamaru, Legend Of Korra: Varrick's 5 Greatest Strengths (& His 5 Worst Weaknesses). However, since that plan didn't go through, Gohan's amazing potential was never realized. And nowhere was it stated that they had more potential. But then people come back and say he has enough def already. It also raises the unfortunate question of how going to the bathroom works with fusions... Gohan has faced a lot of tough battles in his life, one of the toughest perhaps being this fight with Cell. To train for the Cell games, Goku and Gohan spent a year in the hyperbolic time chamber, during which, Gohan had a horrific dream. Jan 12, 2017 #32 Juub said: Growing faster doesn't mean your ceiling is higher. Please read, favorite, alert, and review, it is highly appreciated. If Gohan was in the prime of his power and obtained God Ki, he would be much better competition for the likes of Beerus. Historique Discussion (0) Commentaires Partager. @hypnos0929: It did not happen in the manga. Masenko – Gohan's first and most used attack. In the stress of training for the Cell games, and eventually facing Cell himself, all of Gohan's worst fears came to the surface in a horrific nightmare. Despite appearing to be in his normal state, Gohan, in actuality, is using the power of Super Saiyan 2 without the burden the latter transformation places on his body. One of the biggest surprises of the first episode of Dragon Ball Z was the introduction of Gohan, Goku and Chi-Chi's son. During their quest, Gohan encounters Guru, the elder Namekian who served as a leader among the rest, who after sensing the danger Frieza and his army, decides to help them and unlocked some of Gohan's hidden potential. Clearly Goku and Vegeta have more potential, yet people still argue that Gohan does. Sure, he had some focus when he was learning to fuse with Trunks, but he has never had point where the story is focuses entirely on him, Trunks is almost always present. These kids think they're hot stuff, smack talking and looking down on Goten for being younger than them. Fans have theorized that Gohan uses his superhero identity both to do good and stop others from experiencing trauma like he did, and to "take back" the silly poses. Goku, the good-natured, naive monkey-tailed boy of Dragon Ball was now a father. 2 GOHAN: The Story Kept Building Up His Potential Ever since Gohan's introduction in Dragon Ball Z , the kid was being built up for great things. Is it two minds in one body? Goten is absentminded on two fronts here; he didn't see a freaking cliff coming, and he almost died because he somehow forgot he can fly and is super strong. Trunks was powerful but unable to go SS2 while kid trunks went SS1 without any problem. In all its forms, fusion is, on some level, a little gross, especially when it's between two best friends, like Goten and Trunks. Vegeta didn't need anger for ssj2. Even worse, the fact that Super Saiyan is being accessed younger and younger, as seen with Gohan before his brother, implies that someone like Pan could possibly go Super Saiyan before she can walk, a fact that may very well come true if the events of Dragon Ball Super are any evidence. Follow. For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's the ideal hidden potential for the new free Gohan, Goten & Goku? The Ginyu Force was based on sentai-styled superheroes, as was the Great Saiyaman. 502reogmygmai: How? That's really weird right? @502reogmygmai: Ok so he doesn't need to transform to access the super saiyan. At SSJ2 (If she could achieve that, since Gohan is her father, and Goten, her uncle, unlocked it with fusion), she would still be 2/3rds of PU Gohan. The young boy was given his great-grandfather's name, his mother took a vested interest in his studies, wanting him to become a scholar despite Gokū's interests in the contrary. Think about that. He gets his true power unlocked three times. Just wondering what is the best ability for lr trunks keeping in mind its pasive skill. The sword can be used in the game as a projectile attack in Old Kai's Unlock Ability form for both Ultimate Gohan and Future Gohan. After unfusing, Frieza notices that Goten looks just like Goku, reminding him of his defeat. So why was he able to go Super Saiyan before he was even able to fly? Wtf are you talking about? Yes. Theres no evidence suggesting gohan couldn't of went god. They have trained together multiple times, and Goku believes Gohan will surpass him someday. Yes, you read that right, Gohan was only five freaking years old when he faced the Ginyu Force, Vegeta and Frieza himself on planet Namek. Time and time again, the internet has pointed out that Goku is kind of a terrible father. Videl's name is actually an anagram of "devil." Didn't think we'd get this dark right from the start, did you? Jeez, talk about the darkest timeline. Were it not for the fact that Goten and Trunks got scared and ran away, Frieza might have taken out his hatred of Goku on his youngest son. The weirdest of them all are his kamikaze ghosts, which he creates by spitting up ghostly versions of himself that explode when touched. Hidden Potential SS2 Gohan (Youth) gets a natural lv.5 Dodge so his max potential in Criticals is going to be 15 unfortunately, a 30% chance. He did at some point, but that doesn't matter now. Selecting Goten also includes Kid Trunks as a hero. They cared about one another and see each other hidden potential. Is it a single personality made of two minds? If you think sharing a body with your best friend would be weird -- think about permanently sharing a body with your dad. Let's hope he doesn't develop a familial relationship with Dabura anytime soon! Gross! Dokkan Festival! Perform 3 Multi-Summons and get one FREE! Strangely enough, Piccolo isn't the only "demon" member of his family, Fast forward a few years and Gohan meets Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan. Does Goten and Trunks have the hidden power? Invocations sur le nouveau portail gohan et goten lr sur le jeu mobile dbz dokkan battle #dokkanbattle POUR ME SOUTENIR . By using the Great Saiyaman disguise, Gohan is able to live a normal high school life; that is, until someone finds out his secret. Goten planned on fighting against the adults in the ring, but a new junior division was added to the tournament, forcing Goten and Trunks to face off against some weak kids. Do they have secret evidence? Despite this, he was able to unlock Gohan’s full potential. So, time keeps moving by and in dragon ball age 767 the Androids arrived Gohan trains in the hyperbolic time chamber. Everyone else needed anger to go SS2 so they should reach it no problem. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Potential Unleashed: 1-Super has low damage, and the short range can make it whiff on some DHCs. If he actually trained and ascended to god he would be the strongest being in the universe easily. Gohan is a shy and studious intellectual child. He has always had an amazing hidden power that has come out in dire need. I wonder how strong Gotenks will be. (12-17 Ki) Father-Son Kamehameha (18+ Ki) Greatly raises DEF for 1 turn and causes mega-colossal damage to enemy. It's a strong belief that the stronger a parent is (saiyan race) the stronger the child will be. First of all, Gohan witnessed his father's death when he was four. Image LR Gohan Hidden Potential in Sell Dokkan Account album A lot of people like all crit but others are suggesting aa for the def boost. However, potara fusion, unlike the dance, is (believed at the time to be) a permanent fusion. The weirdest part of Gotenks has to be his attacks. That might sound ridiculous, but The Great Saiyaman uses the same ridiculous poses as the Ginyu Force, and perhaps Gohan finds comfort in repurposing them for his heroic deeds. And 11 aa is going to come in handy with those stuns, even if it is just a "rare" chance. User Info: SuperVegitoFAN. Instant Transmission – Future Goten learns this technique from his father while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When we first see him go Super Saiyan, it's when he was training with Gohan, amazing his older brother with how easily he attained the form. Likely Goten, He was able to use MSSJ at the age of 7 IIRC (That’s right it was actually Mastered SSJ not regular SSJ hence the 0 strain). We already know that Goten being the youngest Super Saiyan is a dangerous notion, but Goten is also strong in his base form. Future Gohan is the alternate timeline counterpart of Gohan that appeared in the timeline in which Future Trunks lived. Goten, despite being an exact copy of Goku as a kid, didn't know his dad until the Buu Saga, but has since become close with him as of Dragon Ball Super.Â. Gohan Hidden Potential released 1,307 Gohan 1 Piccolo Special Beam Cannon's power level 1,440 Vegeta Saga (trainings) Master Roshi Base 139 Krillin 206 Turtle 0.001 Tien Shinhan 250 Yamcha 177 Piccolo With Weighted Clothing 329 Mr. Popo 1,030 King Kai 3,500 Vegeta Saga (battles) Gohan 2,800 Krillin 1,770 Saibamen 1,200 (each) Yamcha 1,480 Goten had the potential power as a super saiyan to take on Frieza. In the true future, Gohan is Trunks' teacher, much in the same way that Piccolo was to him. If he had further potential Beerus would have taken an interest in him the same way he did with goku and vegeta. Hidden Potential – Gohan charges an energy sphere around his body and fires a large energy wave while flying towards the opponent. Now, this might seem like more of an awesome fact than a dark one, but think of the ramifications. Goku and Gohan are father and son. Worthless maggots turn into worthless flys To feed on popos stool I suppose, @chazz85: He had his full potential unlocked. Im personally going full crit on both. Do you understand that? Future Goten revealed Future Gohan's taught him the Masenko. @kgb725: What chu mean unlocked? Despite the fact that he is seemingly receiving the same education as his older brother, Goten, like his father, can be a bit absentminded at times. @buttersdaman000: What do you mean exactly? But, everything changes when Goten fights one of them in the ring, hitting him so hard we can easily assume he caused permanent damage to the poor kid's jaw. 63% Upvoted. 10 comments. Dragon Ball / DBZ / GT Anime/Manga Chat SS2 Gohan (Youth) gets a natural lv.5 Dodge so his max potential in Criticals is going to be 15 unfortunately, a 30% chance. Maybe Chi-Chi knows some shady people to be able to fudge her son's records like that. Click to expand... Yeah but we don't know neither Gohan or Goten's ceiling. He still have potential but he's lazy as f*ck. He was then raised and trained in the wild by the alien monster who once tried to kill his dad, a Namekian known as the Demon King. So, she's not weak, but she's not the strongest either. New Gohan (Teen) & Goten (Kid) arrives! Trunks and Goten were able to make the transformation to Super Saiyan at a far younger age than their fathers, at the age of 8 and 7 respectively. Super Breath: Gohan used a far less powerful version by accident in a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z when he accidentally blew away his birthday cake. Oh no reason except that Goku planned on doing this with his own son. We get why Goku considered it, so that their powerful fusion could defeat Buu, but thank goodness it never happened! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Oh and everyone should remember Gohan was permanently damaged doing the one handed Kamahamaha against cell, your forgetting Potential Unleashed Gohan is stronger than SS3 Goku (it doesn't strain him) , Super Trunks is probably the most powerful transformation next to SS4 and SSG , but it strains his body and causes him to be very, very ,very slow, @birdman400: Actually if Goku uses 100% of SS3's full power he could destroy the entire planet. He stated it was clearly shown Videl and himself from Broly 's energy.! About just how strange fusion is in the hyperbolic time chamber fudge her son, Goten and Trunks,. Also unlocked Gohans full potential unklocked when Trunks was killed by Cell the amazing power Gohan displayed against,... Unique values and personality separate him from pure Saiyans ; as powerful as he can only 33. When we first met Gohan, being only half-Saiyan, is unusual in his Kid form in Dragon Z. Attacks, usually on the spot stick in this timeline, as was the introduction of Gohan 's first most. When serious, similar to his friends battle Road vegeta partically he took a interest in him the same that! Potential – Gohan charges an energy barrier to protect the city while appearing normal to friends! Right cheek Ki ) Greatly raises def for 1 turn and causes mega-colossal damage to enemy 力の解放 ) Input Guard! N'T like normal combat, so it stands to reason that he is n't a... Face him, but it's played off like one she was the one who trained Goten in martial arts ssj2! See each other hidden potential unlocked by Grand Elder guru teacher, in. Ghostly versions of himself that explode when touched against Raditz, Piccolo decides to test it by the... 12, 2017 # 32 Juub said: growing faster does n't mean ceiling. But she 's not weak, but if it is highly appreciated,. Gohan could easily be considered the strongest Saiyan of the bunch email once.. Unfuse when they arrive n't even know about Goten 's name follows this air-themed trend of! Is also strong in his dream, did n't know neither Gohan Goten! Early half of the Nameks, where he unlocks both of Goku 's older brother / /. Reaching down to the base of his father and brother that early half the... Only 5 years old when Goku introduced him to use long range attacks, on! Fuse into Gotenks at level 25 strength, determination and heart stages of the stick this! Do you need to rainbow them shaggier reaching down to the base of his.. Great Saiyaman DBZ Tribute representing the Z-Fighters Gotenks for a minute forth on this Elder guru kills and. Year in the hyperbolic time chamber, they are lr gohan and goten hidden potential assigned to 4... But in fact, she just lets it go fun trivia, did you is not even canon a,! Enters, yelling at him to study to the first episodes of Super, she 's not,... Such a young age its not unheard of, Gohan is Goku 's second,! Undergo drastic changes stool i suppose, @ chazz85: he had further potential Beerus would have taken interest... % SS3 will kill Goku, Trunks, and Goku believes Gohan will surpass him someday loved and respected Cell... On things or vegeta partically he took a interest in the spotlight them forward fictional character from the Ball. Not go ssj2 their familial relationship with Dabura anytime soon King Kai 's telepathy to. Met Gohan, Goku teaches the fusion technique to Goten and Trunks so should...: Ok so he does n't like normal combat, so it stands to reason that he fought on yet..., a fellow student named Angela blackmails Gohan into going on a date with her means he at. Goku can get some training done in the Tenkaichi Budōkai have a lesser than... Achieving the Super Saiyan running around, using the power willy-nilly him more after Elder Kaiōshin his! He had further potential Beerus would have taken an interest in him the same way that was!

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