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Celebrity tattoo legend Dr. Having tattooed on a vast range of skin tones and textures, Woo has cultivated an intimate understanding of the unique needs of the skin. Woo is joining the fight to end COVID-19 with the launch of WOO Gentle Cleansing Soap, the first drop from the famous artist’s namesake skincare line — available now! Aug 16, 2020 . WOO Skin Essentials is a part of Dr. Woo’s PROJECTWOO, branded as the “purveyor of quality goods from the curious mind of Dr. Woo.” WOO’s latest product lineup includes the Dr. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème tatouages minimalistes, dr woo tatouage, dr woo. Woo verrät die Tattoo-Trends 2018. Aug 16, 2020 . project // skincare . Having tattooed a wide range of skin tones and textures, Woo has a unique perspective on the various needs of every kind of skin. These capsule collections bring that thinking to life via the appreciation of skin, the respect for nature with the sustainable packaging, and the thoughtfulness of our skin’s sensitivity with gentle ingredients.”, “I’m widely known for my intricate, single-needle tattoo art and that focus and balance is woven into everything I do.". from the curious mind of dr woo PROJECTWOO is a product development studio with a mission to explore and create everyday goods and services that help us live fulfilling and creative lifes. If you're not familiar, Dr. I've noticed a lot of people want to get tattoos post-coronavirus, do you have any suggestions on how to not make a serious mistake when they're going in? Woo for creating her artwork. Side hustles are nothing new for famed tattoo artist Dr. So, we formulated a soap that's as simple and as clean as we possibly could, using the least amount of ingredients. Before this, I was on a plane traveling around at least twice a month. “I really wanted to create a product that aided in healing a fresh tattoo but also was useful every day,” Woo says. Woo), the man behind the lotion, is an LA-based tattoo artist who's known for his hyper-detailed designs, and he's worked on everyone from Justin Bieber to Zoë Kravitz. In the past few years alone, he’s flown to Paris to sit in the front row at Fashion Weeks, had an intimate two-week residency at the Freehand Hotel, produced a capsule collection with Sacai, and opened Hideaway at Suite X, his secretive LA atelier. MCMXCIX is her brother Frankie‘s birth date October 27, 1999. Project Woo, touted as a “purveyor of quality goods from the curious mind of Dr. Woo,” and it's eponymous skincare line, Woo, is about taking care of all types of skin, tattooed or not. In addition to WOO’s initial product lineup, a third product – a face and body SPF – will be available for purchase starting in November. "With a global following in the millions and as the choice tattoo artist for the influential elite, Dr. Woo and his team made the decision to push the rest of the line until later in the year. Would you say there are unique challenges to formulating a skincare line specifically for a tattoo care? SummaEverything is an amazing food bank in South Central LA, and they bring organic produce, and vegetables, and healthier food options that some people don't have access to. Woo, the legendary tattoo artist known for inking celebrities including Frank Ocean, Zoë Kravitz and Kid Cudi, has launched WOO Skincare. So, the focus for me wasn't really thinking about any business things. Bella Hadid has just added two new tattoos to her collection. Here, Woo discusses the inspiration behind his line and the challenges of launching a business during a pandemic—plus, he shares his advice for whether you should get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about. You've spoken a lot about how the pandemic has affected your community, but can you speak to how the pandemic has changed your work? close (esc) Close menu. “We used our soap as a tool to help spread awareness and also raise money for those that needed it the most,” Woo says. As the dust from the coronavirus pandemic fallout settles, tattoo artist Dr. By Ross Dwyer / Aug 16, 2020. As the dust from the coronavirus pandemic fallout settles, tattoo artist Dr. But instead of shying away from the pandemic, Woo has faced it—and it’s effects—head-on. Known for a unique single-needle style that made him one of the world's most influential tattoo artists, Dr. Lately, he’s been setting his sights on skincare. If you’ve ever wondered where the Biebers, Jenners and a plethora of other A-list celebs get their minimalist tattoos done, it’s probably Brian Woo.Well to clients, he’s known as Dr. Having tattooed on a vast range of skin tones and textures, Woo has cultivated an intimate understanding of the unique needs of the skin. Woo signature After/Care Set and the Gentle Hand Sanitizer. You can shop WOO now on ProjectWoo.Co. He donated 100% of the net profits – which totaled $278,000– from the soap sales to Baby2Baby, an organization that provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing, and everyday essentials. So, I really wanted to support a foundation that was supporting them. Go through the process of researching and making sure they're a reputable shop. Last April, he and his team were on the verge of expanding his business into brand new territory. That’s why it’s incredibly fitting that the inked icon decided to launch his own line of skincare and tattoo aftercare products.

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