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July 2021

July 2021


I will stand – side by side
Wave the flag, salute the shirt
Celebrate this magic
For all the years of so called hurt

Enjoy all the euphoria
Give my full support
But I will not boo an anthem
In the name of sport

I will not sneer at those who kneel
Will not whistle, will not jeer
Instead, I’ll raise my voice and sing
When my chosen team appear

I will dream of dreams victorious
And all England expects
Whatever happens on the night
Respect – respect – respect

by Paul Cookson (1961 – )



Saturday 3rd July 2021

Pre-Season Friendly

Plymouth Parkway 1

River Allen 76 (pen),

Plymouth Argyle 5

Brendan Galloway 30, Ryan Hardie 44, Luke Jephcott 52, Panutce Camara 70, Oscar Rutherford 86,

Referee:- Lee Swabey. Attendance:- 900

Admission:- OMGDS £5.00 (£10) Programme:- on line

A major development of the ground for entry into The Southern League, has seen cover on all four sides installed and a new 400 seater stand. Bolitho Park is named after a local novelist and club benefactor, Janie Bolitho, and the ground sits on the former Royal Navy College of HMS Thunderer. It was Argyle (who brought thirteen substitutes) who were thundering, today. They led 1-0 after a quiet opening period, but blasted four second half strikes before the hosts were able to pull a goal back, some ten minutes from time! With John Main.


Monday 12th July 2021

On an overcast and humid morning, this was a gentle stroll around Gretton village, taking in Kirby Hall, where the peacock was in strident voice, onwards towards the mysterious and well guarded facility on the other side of Kirby Road, where the path was so overgrown (and wet) that the verdure rose to shoulder height. Back onto Gretton Brook Road, up the farm track and across the fields to join the track that leads to Corby Road, and, just across the road, the footings have been marked out for the new crematorium. Wonderful views from the top of the escarpment on West Hills, and down below, the railway tunnel underneath. A babbling Brook and a return to Gretton up Arnhill, three stiles, and 8.86 miles with Alison and Norma.

Kirby Hall

Corby Tunnel

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Pre-Season Friendly

East Harling 1

Charlie Webb 78,

Long Stratton 4

Toby Gower 3, 35, 88, Jordan Scent (og) 42,

Referee:- Richard Daniels. Attendance:- 59

The picturesque church of St Peter and Paul with its distinctive flying buttresses presided over this match and the hosts, trying out their new camera paid for by public subscription, were keen and lively, but no match for their higher division opponents. Three first half strikes killed them off but they fought well and after the usual avalanche of half time substitutes, drew the second half 1-1. Good to see Peter Miles there!

Thursday 15th July 2021

Starting out from Easton-on-the-Hill, where an Italian flag overlooked the war memorial in the village, along to the church of All Saints, a 12th century edifice with a recently constructed maze and then down the hill to cross over the railway line and under the rumbling Great North Road, proceeding along the banks of The River Welland, into Stamford via Freemen’s field. Then we climbed out of the town, over the railway station, up to Burghley Park Golf Club and down Warren Road, over the A1, this time, and past Wothorpe Lodge before a detour making difficult progress through some heavy undergrowth to reach Wittering Airfield and the road back to the war memorial in Easton-on-the-Hill. With Alison and Harry, two stiles and 7.34 miles.

Stamford Station

Wothorpe Lodge

RAF Wittering

Thursday 15th July 2021

Pre-Season FriendlyGreat

Wakering Rovers 1

Jake Gordon 79 (pen),

White Ensign 0

Ayo Odukoyu penalty saved 85,

Referee:- Stephen Crossley. Attendance:- 56

Admission:- £5.00. Programme – none

A closely fought contest depended on the outcome of two penalties. The hosts scored deep into the second half, the visitors had their penalty saved five minutes later and with that opportunity went their only chance of salvaging anything from the game!

Saturday 17th July 2021

Pre-Season Friendly

Bovingdon 1

Ethan Flanagan 37,

Harrison Rogers s/o 39,

Leighton Town 2

Danny webb 38, Ashley Kampen 80,

Referee:- Billy Morgan. Attendance:- 77

Admission:- £3.00. Programme:- NONE

These two Spartan South Midlands sides are separated by a couple of divisions and it was the hosts, the lower of the two sides, who narrowly succumbed after conceding an equalising goal five minutes from half time, when goalkeeper, Harrison Rogers was dismissed for allegedly abusive language. They held on gamely with ten men until the eightieth minute, when they conceded what was the crucial winning goal.

Monday 19th July 2021

On a hot, humid morning with the sun beating down mercilessly, it was little wonder that, what might have been a gentle amble, turned into a challenging trek. Westwards from Southwick Water Tower across fields well structured for the walker, until a downhill treacherous stretch to Main Street and the chicane in the road to Bulwick. The farm track led up to Cross Ways Farm, and even further, climbing insidiously up to Boars Head Farm and then into the shade and shelter of Southwick Wood and all the way down to the village, itself and the parish church of St Mary. Sadly, The Shuckborough Arms is closed on Mondays, so there was no opportunity to slake our thirst! With Alison Merricks, no stiles and 6.76 miles.

Wednesday 21st July 2021

Pre-Season Friendly

York City 1

Kurt Willoughby 52,

Sunderland XI 1

Dan Neil 29,

Attendance:- c1,000. Admission: OMGDS £8.00 (£12) Programme: sold out

First class on LNER Azuma from Peterborough to York. A three mile walk to the ground and … very under impressed. It looks like the poor end of a cinema/health centre/coffee shop complex, with bog standard seating and jobsworths in charge of the shop. Three times I was told that I was at the wrong gate but nobody offered to show me where the right gate was! The match was regulation pre-season friendly with swathes of replacements. York fell behind towards the end of the first half, but scored early in the second period and an 87th minute penalty to Sunderland was well saved by the home custodian, Jameson. A draw was a fair result!

LNER Azuma train at Peterborough Station

York Minster

Saturday 24th July 2021

Pre-Season Friendly

Boston United 3

Jordan Burrow 10, Jake Wright (jun) 11, Joe Leesley 40,

Norwich City U-23 3

Rob Nizet 60, Dan Adshead 61, 89,

Referee:- Alistair Wilson. Attendance:- 642

Admission:- OMGDS £5.00 (£8). Programme:- NONE Free team sheet

The Jakemans Community Stadium is not quite finished, with the away end still to be completed and many a Pilgrim fan must be asking themselves why? Why did we exchange the iconic stadium at York Street for this soulless tin box? It was a good game though, despite sixteen substitutes being used in the second half. The hosts snapped up two goals in the first ten minutes and added a third five minutes before the break. Norwich came back strongly with two goals around the hour mark and a last gasp, barely deserved, 89th minute equaliser. With John Main.

Monday 26th July 2021

Leaving via the Kingswood Local Nature Reserve and turning into the Danesholme Estate in Corby and then across the A6003 and onwards through endless fields of golden cereal, crossing bridges over waterless streams and eventually reaching the tiny village of Pipewell, where, once, King Richard I held his Parliaments. There was also a Cistercian monastery from 1143 until its dissolution in 1538 and Pipewell Hall is built of its stone. The Abbey Church of St Marry, built in 1881, is the smallest church in Northamptonshire and Mary Budd, the daughter of Samuel Lloyd of steel heritage fame, is buried there. Returning through yet more fields and parallel to the Oakley Road, on rarely trodden paths, emerging at The Spread Eagle, climbing Lewin Road to Morrison’s Supermarket and back to Kingswood. With Alison and Maureen, twelve stiles and 6.6 miles.

Thursday 29th July 2021

Pre-Season Friendly

Rothwell FC Aztec 4

Gav Ledgeway 53, 60, Sam Linnet 65, Kyle Hankins 79,

Wellingborough Grammarians 3

Brandon Bull 34, Drew Male 55, Cristian Midrigan 71,

Referee:- Luke Pinkerton. Attendance:- 17

The grounds of Montsaye School in Rothwell were busy this evening, but the main match started cagily and the only goal in the first period went to the visitors. There was a refreshment bar, but little else to enhance the playing arena, In the second half, however, the hosts had the advantage of a flurry of strikes and took the contest a tad fortuitously. With John Main.

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